August 09, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT RELEASE NEWS: Brits & Zulus = New Colonial Wars 1878-1902 from Expeditionary Force

The first releases in the new Colonial Wars 1878-1902 range from Expeditionary Force is now available. The first five sets include two sets of Zulus and three sets of British. All three British sets come in the same poses with the difference being the type of  headgear they have. These plastic figures are 54mm and set contains 9 figures. The British sets also include an extra head in a glengarry cap + spare arms to make a Bugler, NCO and Officer. All images below are of pre-production prototypes. 

NOTE: These figures go nicely with the original Conte Zulu war figures.

EXP-54ZUL01-M M Zulu in War Dress (Married)

EXP-54ZUL01-U M Zulu in War Dress (Unmarried)

EXP-54ZBR01-M British Infantry 1879 Zulu Movie Version in Badged Sun Helmet- (limited quantities will be available)

EXP-54ZBR01-P British Infantry 1879 in Plain Sun Helmet 

EXP-54ZBR01-S British Infantry 1879 in Spiked Helmet with Metal Strap

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Coming Soon in the Zulu Range:
British Dragoons (4th q 2016)
British Artillery (4th q 2016)
Frontier Horse/Mounted Rifles (4th q 2016)
Boer Volunteers (4th q 2016)


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