August 12, 2016

Fridays with Farley...a Dose of Useless Tidbits

Figure Painter Magazine # 39

My favorite digital magazine just dropped another issue and 39 is packed with articles and tutorials that will suit everyone and be helpful to all levels of painters. Lots of reviews from the likes of FeR Miniatures, Nuts Planet, Pegaso, Acolyte Miniatures and more. Also in this issue there is 5 – yes, 5 tutorials! Sergey ‘WE7’ Chasnyk shows how he painted his Knight Models’ Bane. Sean ‘Jabberwocky’ Fulton explains his conversion of the Overfiend of Octarius, a miniature for the Nova Open Charitable Foundation. Marta Slusarska bring us a fantastic basing tutorial. Greg Girault explains another of his top class sculpts and Marko Paunovic continues his epic post-apocalyptic diorama. There is also have a great inspiration article from sculptress Nelya Vitvitska and this month’s Insight interview is from the owner and box art painter for Nocturna Models, Jesús Martin. 

FPM is a independent magazine dedicated to sculpting, painting, displaying, collecting and gaming with miniature figures from all genre's. The magazine has details on new releases, reviews, interviews with the industries top painters and sculptors, show reports, tutorials. 

Also from FPM publisher Robot Pigeon Publishing is an all new gaming magazine. Initiative magazine is a new digital publication focusing on boardgames, RPG's and Skirmish and War-games and the miniature figures that accompany them.

From the publisher...
Welcome to out first issue of Initiative Magazine, we hope you like it. Inside we have some fantastic articles for you all dedicated to miniature gaming. We have tutorials on vehicle and base painting, terrain building. We have reviews for games and miniatures, battle reports, insider interviews and we take a  close look at several games. Also we have and a kickstarter roundup to keep you informed and up to date with all thats going on in our hobby.

STILL THE BEST DEAL ON THE WEB! Both FPM & Initiative magazines are available as a downloaded PDF for less then $2.00 a copy.  
Want one?  Click HERE

I love these figures from Taban Miniatures made for the game Eden. This is the Bamka Clan. Can't wait to get my set to paint 'em up!
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The Complete Wargaming
Warpaints range from Army Painter

Army Painter has announced the expansion of their popular Warpaints range by years end to include Effects, Mixing Mediums, Brush-on primers and more. The company's press release....

Years in the making and by strong demand from hobbyists and painters all over the World, The Army Painter finally announces The complete Wargaming range of Warpaints ready for release at the end of this year. “What is a complete range of paints? We have to avoid range fillers taking up space on retail shelves and painting tables. But there can’t be too few paints to choose from, or a constant need to mix new colour variants. The questions keep piling up and we didn’t feel ready to launch the finished Warpaints range before we had solid answers to them all. But now we do.

The new range of Warpaints is our absolute best attempt to create the complete and ultimate selection of paints and washes for any Wargamer. We have listened to years of feedback and ideas and consulted some of the best painters in the World – and now we can finally announce that it will be a reality!

Our paints are creamy and highly pigmented, aiming at a high coverage, with a strict focus on a usable colour palette and perfect mixing capabilities.  We think this is the best paint in the World, and it fits The Army Painter technique of fast painting exceptionally well. We also keep all the existing colours, and all of our Colour Primer sprays still have their 100% match available in the new Warpaints range. 

Furthermore, we introduce a new series of Warpaints – the Effects. These include special purpose paints like Mixing Mediums (for perfect blending), Dry Rust, Wet Mud, Disgusting Slime and Glistening Blood, as well as Brush-on Primer and Varnishes. The Effects paints have taken the longest time to develop and we think they’re a really valuable addition to the Warpaints range.

On top of that we have increased the incredibly popular range of acrylic ink washes with three completely new Quickshade Washes as well as introducing two unique metallic washes.”

Absolutely love this diorama from Michdiorama. Mich builds stunning dioramas usually in the smaller 25 & 28mm scales but this one is in 54mm. Titled The Battle of Cambria it uses Figures from Master Box, Tamiya, ICM and a mark IV from Takom. You can see the S-B-S progression in the making of this diorama on his Face Book page HERE

The Battle of Cambrai, 1918 (also known as the Second Battle of Cambrai) was a battle between troops of the British First, Third and Fourth Armies and German Empire forces during the Hundred Days Offensive of the First World War. The battle took place in and around the French city of Cambrai, between 8 and 10 October 1918 and incorporated many of the newer tactics of 1918, in particular tanks. The attack was an overwhelming success with light casualties in an extremely short amount of time.

Be sure to stop by the Michdioramas website to follow his latest work.

Acrylics Vallejo or simply Vallejo has released updated catalog for 2016. The July 2016 is jammed packed with all sorts of information and tips including the brand new Diorama Effects range. Available as a free PDF HERE

Until next time....
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