August 12, 2016

Build, Paint & Play the Perry Miniatures Battle in a Box ACW Part 7 - Wrap Up & Final Tweaks

Now that most everything is painted there are just a few final details to finish up. The last three things that are going to really make this project look great are: The flags, the basing, and the groundwork. I want to talk briefly about these finishing touches and then show off the end result.

FLAGS: The flags were rather simple. Provided in the box is a sheet of flags with a few different options. Choose whichever flag you want for each unit and cut it out. If you’re going to varnish your figures (which I highly recommend,) do it before attaching the flag. I put elmer’s glue on the flag and then bent it around the flag pole. I made sure the corners were matched up and then work my way towards the flag pole. It helps to have something to wipe up excess glue handy. Make sure the flag is tight to the flagpole. You can crinkle the flag or “roll” it around a pen for a different effect.

BASING: The basing of your figure will depend heavily on your ruleset. We simply used the bases provided and based as so:
 Infantry: Units of 18 in two ranks. 6 figures on the center base in two ranks of three and 4 bases of three figures each. With the provided bases this puts the frontage of each figure at a little under 20mm making it suitable for a lot of different rulesets.
 Cavalry: Units of 6 in one rank. 3 figures per base. The fit on these can be a bit tight but I found that as long as you test fit before glueing everything seems to fit ok.
 Artillery: 4 crew and a cannon on the provided 100 by 50mm bases.
Generals: Based individually.

Test fit everything before you glue anything down, especially on the Confederates. Some of the poses can be a bit more difficult to rank up. I found that if you take your time on this step everything does seem to rank up ok, but it’s very easy to have a bayonet sticking out at an odd angle, which makes ranking up units a bit of a pain. I used super glue to fix these down in case we ever wanted to change the basing later. 

GROUNDWORK: Because of the amount of figures involved in this project and the way the project was split up, it made the most sense to base everything at the end. We opted for a simple groundwork scheme that didn’t require much painting. Make sure the base moulded onto the figure is painted in some sort of dark brown (I used Burnt Umber.) Next cover the base in elmer’s glue, and dip the whole base into our groundwork mixture. I really didn’t want to paint the ground for a project this big so I used a 50/50 mix of black ballast and medium brown ballast from Woodland Scenics. Once this layer dried, I went back and added splotches of more elmer’s glue and added a dark green static grass. To take this even further add some grass tufts or flowers from The Army Painter Range.

The Gallery
To finish off the final blog on this fantastic set, here are some photos of the finished project.
Union Infantry
 Union Zouaves & Infantry 
 Confederate Infantry 
 Confederate Infantry
Union Cavalry
Confederate Cavalry
Union Artillery
Confederate Artilley

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