July 26, 2016

We Buy-Sell-Trade AeroArt - St. Petersburg Collection Russian Miniatures

We Buy Collections and Accumulations of New & Old Toy Soldiers, Action Figures, Military Die-cast, Historical Miniatures, Historical Reference Books, Militaria, Vintage Toys and Related items. We also accept consignments. Please call toll free 1-888-642-4869 or email michtoystaff@michtoy.com to get a quote or for our consignment terms and conditions.

PB50W Carthaginian War Elephant

4021 Roman Scorpion & Figures

Always looking for quality collections including but not exclusive to:
Barclay, Manoil, American Metal, Elastolin, Lineol, Marx, Timpo, Airfix, ESCI, Xiloplasto, Cromoplasto, Chialu, Nardi, Britains, Deetail, Herald, Timpo, Starlux, Reamsa, Cherilea, Jecsan, JoHillco, Durso, Ducal, Tradition, Imperial Productions, Conte Collectibles, Mignot, Clairet, Trophy of Wales, King & Country, Aeroart & The St. Petersburg Collection, John Jenkins, Collectors Showcase and all other makers of metal and plastic figures any in any scale.

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