July 06, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Abteilung 502 Modeling Paints & Auxiliaries

Just what is Abteilung 502? Abteilung (abbrv. Abt.) is a German word that is often used for German military formations. During the Second World War, the term Abteilung generally meant "battalion" and was used for battalion-size formations in the armored, cavalry, reconnaissance and artillery arms of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. Schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 502 was a the SS Heavy Panzer Battalion unit.

Abteilung 502...
…was also the brand name of the line of modeling oil paints sold by the now defunct MIG Productions. Now a new company Abteilung 502 is being billed as... “The Rebirth of an Elite Brand” which is to say it is a stand alone brand that has and will evolve with the modeling world in order to give modelers the best tools and products they may need. The oils sold by MIG were originally developed for them by Abteilung 502. So in a way the source is now the company.  With their initial release, 502 is adding nine new colors to the range along with a high quality range of Auxiliary Products. View the all new Abteilung 502 catalog HERE
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All New Colors of Abteilung 502 Modeling Oils
Abteilung 502 oils not only contain a range of exclusive colors for modelers, but the special formula in which the proportion of oil to the high quality of pigments is controlled, allowing much more realistic finishes that can’t be mimicked with those of arts & craft store oil paints. With Abteilung’s wide range of colors, these oils can be used in all areas of modeling from armor to planes to ships to figures and scenics
ABT-001 Modeling Oil Paint Snow White
ABT-002 Modeling Oil Paint Sepia
ABT-003 Modeling Oil Paint Dust
ABT-004 Modeling Oil Paint Bitume
ABT-005 Modeling Oil Paint White
ABT-006 Modeling Oil Paint Burnt Umber
ABT-007 Modeling Oil Paint Raw Umber 
ABT-010 Modeling Oil Paint Luftwaffe Yellow
ABT-015 Modeling Oil Paint Shadow Brown

All New Abteilung 502 Modeling Oil Paint Sets

ABT-301 Modeling Oil Set - Flesh
ABT015 Shadow Brown
ABT135 Light Flesh Tone
ABT140 Basic Flesh Tone
ABT145 Sunny Flesh Tone
ABT190 Faded Flesh
ABT215 Flesh Shadow
ABT-302 Modeling Oil Set - Weathering & Effects
ABT001 Snow White
ABT080 Brown Wash
ABT093 Earth
ABT125 Light Mud
ABT130 Dark Mud
ABT160 Engine Grease
ABT-303 Modeling Oil Set - Mapping Technique Lights & Shadows Set
ABT002 Sepia
ABT035 Buff
ABT050 Olive Green
ABT092 Ochre
ABT155 Light Sand
ABT170 Light Grey
ABT-304 Modeling Oil Set - Rust & Red Weathering Set
ABT003 Dust
ABT004 Bitume
ABT060 Light Rust
ABT070 Dark Rust
ABT090 Industrial Earth
ABT120 Red Primer
ABT-305 Modeling Oil Set - Aircraft Effects Weathering Set
ABT005 Smoke
ABT010 Yellow
ABT020 Faded Dark Yellow
ABT030 Faded Navy Blue
ABT040 Faded Green
ABT240 Cream Brown
ABT-306 Modeling Oil Paint Set - Gray Effects Set (Navel)
ABT100 Neutral Grey
ABT110 Black
ABT150 Field Grey
ABT165 Faded White
ABT230 Blue-Green
ABT235 Intense Blue
ABT-307 Modeling Oil Set - Diorama Set
ABT006 Burnt Umber
ABT007 Raw Umber
ABT025 Warm Red
ABT094 Green Grass
ABT220 Dark Brick Red
ABT245 Sand Brown

All New Abteilung 502 Auxiliary Products
Abteilung 502 has developed special products to help the modeler to improve his skills, and that includes taking care of your tools.  The new line of thinners can help the modeler achieve all sorts of finishes.  It includes a thinner that speeds up the drying time of oils and enamels, another thinner which leaves behind a matte finish, and finally the classic Odorless Thinner. 502 also has all new products to clean and care for your brushes and hands as well as a liquid mask to protect parts that you don’t want painted.
ABT-111 Abteilung 502 Odorless Thinner
The best odourless thinner on the market. The special features of this solvent, thanks to its ultra soft formulation and high quality, make this product the best choice for any type of filter or wash in combination with any paints and weathering effects on the market.

ABT-112 Abteilung 502 Matt Effect Thinner 
502 Thinner with its usual features for adding a matte finish on your washes, filters, oils paints…. Its ultra soft formulation and highest quality make it the best choice for any type of filter or wash in combination with any paint or weathering product on the market.

ABT-113 Abteilung 502 Fast Dry Thinner 
Thinner medium for oil colors specially designed to improve and shorten the drying time of the washes, filters and glazes. It accelerates drying of any oil colors and enamel paints on the market. It doesn´t change or modify the quality characteristics of the oils pigments, and allows you to obtain undertones and permanent washes. It doesn´t get yellowish or crack. Dries quickly to add more flexibility and agility to your work. 

ABT-114 Abteilung 502 Magic Gel for Brushes
For precision work it is necessary to keep the tip of your brushes in perfect condition. This gel will keep the tip sharp and in perfect condition with all brush fibers compacted like the day you bought it and never splayed open or deformed. With this gel you will keep your brushes like new ones after using and cleaning them.

ABT-115 Abteilung 502 Liquid Mask
Liquid mask is quite popular among modelers for protecting parts that don’t need to be painted. 502 liquid mask has a characteristic blue tone and the sweet smell of vanilla, it is not aggressive and will not cause damage even on clear plastic parts. It dries quickly leaving the masked surface free of paint, and finally it can be removed as a thin elastic film. 

ABT-116 Abteilung 502 Purifier Hand Cleanser
A gel especially designed for the care of hands and utensils after using oil paints. You don´t need to use water, just apply and rub and dry it with a suitable cloth.

ABT-117 Abteilung 502 Magic Potion for Brushes
This high quality cleaner and restorer for brushes is for modelers that want to keep their brushes like new. It contain no solvents no alcohols that can damage synthetic or natural brush´s hair. It´s recommended to dip the tip of the brush in this liquid for 24 hours for deep cleaning and restoration, and repeat the process if necessary with seriously damaged brushes. This product will extend the life of your brushes more than any other cleaner. Used in combination with the ABT 114 Magic Gel for brushes it will keep your brushes as new as the day you bought them. 

Original Range Abteilung 502 Modeling Oils
ABT-020 Faded Dark Yellow
ABT-025 Warm Red
ABT-030 Faded Navy Blue
ABT-035 Buff
ABT-040 Faded Green
ABT-050 Olive Green
ABT-060 Light Rust
ABT-070 Dark Rust 
ABT-080 Brown Wash  
ABT-090 Industrial Earth  
ABT-092 Ochre
ABT-093 Earth
ABT-094 Green Grass  
ABT-100 Neutral Grey
ABT-110 Black
ABT-120 Red Primer  
ABT-125 Light Mud  
ABT-130 Dark Mud  
ABT-135 Light Flesh Tone  
ABT-140 Basic Flesh Tone  
ABT-145 Sunny Flesh Tone  
ABT-150 Field Grey  
ABT-155 Light Sand  
ABT-160 Engine Grease  
ABT-165 Faded White  
ABT-170 Light Grey  
ABT-180 Cooper Oxide Blue  
ABT-190 Faded Flesh  
ABT-200 Metallic Gold  
ABT-205 Metallic Silver
ABT-210 Metallic Copper  
ABT-215 Flesh Shadow 
ABT-220 Dark Brick Red  
ABT-225 Midnight Blue  
ABT-230 Blue Green  
ABT-235 Intense Blue  
ABT-240 Cream Brown  
ABT-245 Sand Brown

In April 1943, the Waffen-SS ordered the creation of a series of Heavy Panzer Battalions — equipped with the new Tiger I tanks — for use in offensive actions on the Eastern Front. Each of the heavy tank battalions would be attached to a Corps of the Waffen SS. The 102nd SS Heavy-Panzer Battalion 102 was one of these heavy-tank battalions. Upon formation, the 102nd was attached to the II SS Panzer Corps. Originally, each heavy tank battalion was composed of a single company of Tiger I's, attached to each respective SS Panzer Division in the Panzerkorps. By July 1943, the predecessor of the 102nd — SS Panzer Regiment 2 of the 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich" — was equipped with 14 Tiger I's. The battalion was sent to Normandy after the D Day landings. The Battalion was almost completely destroyed during the fighting in Normandy; in September 1944 it was pulled back to Germany to reform. Stationed in Sennelager the Battalion was renamed the 502 SS Heavy Panzer Battalion. Renamed as Schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 502 and equipped with Tiger II Tanks (Königstiger), the Battalion took part in the defense against the Red Army at the Oder-Front. During the Soviet offensive to take Berlin, the battalion was surrounded in the Halbe Pocket and nearly destroyed.

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