July 18, 2016

MTSC TIPS & TRICKS: Making a Simple Cloud Background with Treeline by Charles Oldaugh

Trench Runner Charles Oldaugh tackles painting a simple background for your diorama or display Part 2

Last time we worked on a cloud background for dioramas. This time we will add a basic treeline to the background. 

We will start off painting the sky and the clouds just like we did in the last article.
In addition to the sky, I added a stripe of green to the bottom quarter of the panel to begin building up the treeline. I used a mixture of True Blue and Hunter Green.

I am going to use 3 different greens for the trees: Hunter Green, Clover, and Forest Moss. You could use more colors if you want, but this is a backdrop after all. If you make it too detailed it can take away from the figures.

When painting trees it is important to think of them as shapes. Don’t get bogged down trying to paint leaves and branches.
I started painting vague tree shapes with Clover.

I put some Forest Moss onto my palette and started painting in more tree shapes. Try to vary them in size and height.

Using Hunter Green, I started to fill in the gaps between the trees with evergreen trees. Paint some tall and skinny, some short and fat. Don’t be afraid to overlap the trees!

To finish off the painting I started filling in any area that didn’t get a tree. Just a few brushstrokes can help break up scene. Because I still had all three greens on the palette, I alternated and mixed them for the final trees.

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