July 15, 2016

Fridays with Farley...a Dose of Useless Tidbits

I recently came across this easy S-B-S on Creating Black Asphalt for Road Bases by Scratchmod

It's a simple Step-by-Step and shows just how easy it is to replicate asphalt using Vallejo products. 

...From Scratchmod
As the title of the website states, it's all about the art of creating realistic forms of rust effects and different forms of destroyed vehicles. By utilizing various techniques and mediums we can replicate or create interesting and hopefully realistic effects on our models. Have a look at his site HERE

I've had a chance to try out one of the all new products from Abteilung 502, ABT-114 Magic Gel for Brushes.This gel is used to keep the tips of your brushes sharp and in perfect condition. It keeps the brushes fibers compacted which helps keep them from getting deformed. If…as you should be, you use high quality brushes for you modeling work Magic Gel is the perfect conditioner to keep them like new. 

Also new is ABT-117 Magic Potion for Brushes This high quality cleaner and restorer for brushes contains no solvents no alcohols that can damage synthetic or natural brush´s hair.  This product will extend the life of your brushes more than any other cleaner.
View the Product Information sheet HERE

Favorite Time Wasters
The Diorama Dreams Facebook page contains a fantastic collection of models, figures and what not culled from many many different Face Book pages. 

Too cool...

The Toy and Action Figure Museum
The world's only museum devoted solely to the art and collecting of action figures. Located in the mild-mannered city of Paul's Valley, Oklahoma, The Toy and Action Figure Museum celebrates the bright, wild world of action figures with a cacophonous collection of plastic characters. The museum's collection is housed in a large room that is partitioned off into different sections including a collection of cartoon artwork from famous Oklahoma illustrators and a room known as the "Batcave" that features nothing but Batman-related figures and collectables. The museum holds over 13,000 separate action figures, many which, in true collector fashion, have never been taken out of their packages. The main attraction of the museum is the sprawling central diorama which features thousands of figures from every imaginable franchise posed in a phantasmagoric riot of licensed plastic. Spider-Man swings past a hanging X-Wing fighter while Psycho Man makes an entrance onto a Peewee's Playhouse playset. The net effect is a joyous sense of childish play.

Farly Mitchell's Quickies

PanzerWrecks PWS-133 
In Focus 1: Jagdpanzer 38
Just about anyone who builds armor model, more specifically German armor, has thumbed their way through one of the twenty plus Panzerwrecks books at one time or another. They are a fantastic pictorial display with a focus on wrecked armor from the Second World War.

The hallmark of Panzerwrecks publications is the exquisite detail found in large, landscape format photographs normally reproduced one to a page. Added to these photos are informative captions that provide the who, what, when and where to the story: some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field weigh in with their insights and expertise to insure the facts are accurate and complete. Every aspect of the production of Panzerwrecks is carried out in-house, from the acquisition of material to production of the files for printing.

Panzer wrecks now has a new series of books called In Focus starting with In Focus 1 – Jagdpanzer 38, by Lee Archer; one of the founding authors to the Panzerwrecks Series of books. This new series, In Focus, spotlights a particular vehicles and as the secondary series title implies, Men and Machines of World War 2. As you might have guessed by now, In Focus 1 – Jagdpanzer 38 is all about the German Jagdpanzer 38. Lee Archer has spent the better part of the last twenty years collecting a vast amount of information and photographs about the Jagdpanzer 38 and compiled it all into one book. This first edition in the series is bound in a softcover, landscape configuration containing 113-pages of the Jagdpanzer 38 in both operational and knocked-out forms. In addition to the 117 black and white period photographs Mr. Archer has collected for this book, there are 7 color profile drawings from Felipe Rodna which help shed some light to the color schemes of some of these vehicles.

Each of the photographs contained within the book are supported with text to give the reader a little insight to key points in the photos. Along with the textual insets, there is a four page passage from 5 Jahre in Russische Kriegsgefangenschaft, the published works of Karl-Heinz Sommerfeld from 1993, which gives valuable insight into what it was like to serve inside one of these Jagdpanzer 38’s. The intention of the author with this publication is to showcase the spectacular collection of period photographs of this tank all in one place.

Lee Archer continues to present the history enthusiasts and modelers alike, with high quality publications focusing on armor of the Second World War. This first book in the series, In Focus 1 – Jagdpanzer 38, is an incredible look at one of Germany’s late-war production tanks. This book appears to be the most comprehensive collection of photographs on this subject and is filled with over a hundred period black and white photographs showing this Jagdpanzer in both operational and wrecked settings. The photographs have been beautifully reproduced for this publication and the provided color drawings give the reader a little perspective on what these vehicles might have looked like in color at the time. If you are expecting a for a full listing of technical specifications on the Jagdpanzer 38, then this book may not be the book you are looking for. Although the captions associated with each of the phonographs do give plenty of insight into key focal points of the pictures shown, the intentions of the author is not to provide a Spec Manual for this tank, but rather, to provide the modeler and armor enthusiast with a comprehensive photographic display of Jagdpanzer 38 tanks all in one publication. So, if you’re a fan of any of the Panzerwrecks Series of books, a modeler of armor related subjects or simply an enthusiast of the history surrounding the Second World War, In Focus 1 – Jagdpanzer 38 is a definite must have.

Sometimes modelers have a tendency to take the hobby a bit too seriously. We can complain about the accuracy of a new kit, or get bogged down trying to add some tiny detail that probably won't be seen after all our hard work. With all of the spectrum splitting and rivet counting and having a go at anything that “doesn’t look right” - what about modeling for fun? The “Egg Plane” movement is growing in numbers as even the most serious of and most talented modelers get on board to either relieve stress or just to make something without having to conform to hard to a predetermined standard.

Occasionally, it's a good idea to take a step back, and remember that, first and foremost, modeling should be fun, and that's where these kits from Meng come in. They're branded as 'Meng Kids' and they're essentially cartoon versions of WWII aircraft. As the name implies, they are a great way to introduce kids to the hobby, but they're also perfect for anyone who wants to just have some fun between bigger projects. These are ultra-simple models, with just a handful of parts, moulded in the appropriate colors, which can be snapped together without glue. You can either build them strait from the box (they can be built up in 10-15 minutes), or you can go to town on them, painting them up like a regular model and adding additional detail.

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