July 22, 2016

Fridays with Farley...a Dose of Useless Tidbits

Links & Web Jems:
Atlas Obscura is the definitive guide to the world's wondrous and curious places…

In an age where everything seems to have been explored and there is nothing new to be found, Atlas Obscura celebrates a different way of looking at the world. If you're searching for miniature cities, glass flowers, books bound in human skin, gigantic flaming holes in the ground, bone churches, balancing pagodas, or homes built entirely out of paper, the Atlas Obscura is where you'll find them.

Atlas Obscura is a collaborative project that depends on a far-flung community of explorers to help discover amazing, hidden spots, and share them with the world.

Berserkers. Late 12th century

Some of my recent favorites featured on Atlas Obscura are The
Skrímslasetrið- The Icelandic Sea Monster Museum which explores the area's history of aquatic cryptid sightings. The Lost City of Heracleion- An ancient Egyptain city exhumed from the depths of the ocean and The Vikings from a Mass Grave and Their Warship Storm London.

Display is Everything! is a collection on our Facebook page that features some very imaginative ways to display figures and vignettes. I like to refer these types of displays as 'Breaking the Plane' and I just added a couple new ones to the album.
Click image to get in scale

Old school favorite!l
Summers before "PC"

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