July 12, 2016

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #123: Union Artillery Set by Alte Deutsche Spielfiguren

This week we feature a unique offering from Alte Deutsche Spielfiguren. This is a 90mm set of solid lead Union Artillery figures, each individually hand cast and painted by Pastor Dan Boline. He produced the American Civil War range featured here in 70mm, 90mm and even some in 120mm. Fans of traditional toy soldiers will love the old world charm Dan brought to his figures which were a labor of love for him. 

Dan Boline produced a massive catalog of figures under the name Alte Deutsche Spielfiguren in the 1990s until his passing in 2003. This maker's work is generally inspired by German Heyde figures  while his composition figures were styled in the look of 10cm Lineol and Hausser/Elastolin of the early 1900s. Hailing from Elk Grove, California, Dan and his wife Vicki hand cast, painted and boxed figures in both lead and composition in variety of periods and other sizes including 110mm, 90mm, 70mm, 60mm and 40mm 54mm individual figures and boxed sets.

Original box for a Alte Deutsche Spielfiguren composition figure set

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