June 10, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Modeling's Shiny FUTURE with AK Interactive Gauzy Agent

There was a time when Klear/Future Floor Wax (aka Klear or Pledge Floor Care) was about the only clear gloss varnishes that modelers used and raved about. For the uninitiated, Future is a water-soluble acrylic floor coating that was developed by S. C. Johnson Company. Somewhere along the line a modeler discovered that this stuff, when applied to both sides of a piece of clear polystyrene, would make it appear thinner and clearer. It also helps hide minor scratches – simply pour some Future into a small cup and dip your clear part into it or brush it on and let dry– it’s a kind of magic! It is also useful as a sealant prior to and after the application of decals and can found mentioned in many many build reviews and articles. Then came the speculation on various modeling forums that the formula for Future Floor Finish had been changed. This is false, the formula has not been changed since 1992. But nonetheless stocks of the original started selling for silly prices on eBay. So people began to look for alternatives. Which leads us to AK Interactive who have CLEARLY been developing an alternative and have come up with quite an interesting liquid, which they have named Gauzy*

* gauz·y/ɡôzē = resembling gauze; thin and translucent, transparent, sheer, see-through, fine, delicate

To use AK's own marketing copy...A new FUTURE opens up for modelers. AK’s R&D department, in its constant desire for evolution, has developed two new products specially designed to cover the modelers needs. Two different products for different solutions. One of them as a transparency agent and the other as a shine enhancer

This is a high quality product developed to enhance, repair, and achieve extremely realistic transparent glass-like finishes on clear plastic parts. Simply dip and let dry for a few minutes. Clean excess of product around the edges to achieve a uniform layer. For best results, allow product to dry in a dust-free environment. This product, when applied to clear plastic, will result in a realistic glass-like appearance of parts like clear plastic cockpit canopies or other clear parts.

Is another high quality product to create a protective and very realistic glossy sheen to areas where applied. This product also serves as a protective layer for the paint underneath. Apply it in the same way you would apply any varnish. Then let it dry for a few minutes. This product can also serve as a perfect finishing touch for metallic paints such as AK Interactive Xtreme Metal and it can also be used as a sealant prior to and after the application of decals. Simply apply Gauzy Agent to any single part or sections of your model that are begging for an incredible transparent shine. It possesses self-leveling properties and can be applied with brush or airbrush.

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