June 20, 2016

Pat Hillard Adds a German Stowage Set to His Rubicon Models Sdkfz 251/1

With this review I will take a look at the Rubicon Models, German Stowage Set 1 (ref. 280022) in 1/56 scale (28mm).

As I experienced with the Rubicon 251 kit, the Stowage box is sturdy, has very nice graphics and protects the contents very well. The kit contains 2 identical sprue’s of stowage: each sprue is individually sealed in its own plastic bag. 
The back of the box provides directions for assembly and also identification numbers for the items. The kit contains 75mm ammo boxes for the PzIV’s, 75mm/88mm ammo boxes that can be used on a Panther or a Tiger, miscellaneous tarps/canvas tops/rolls for vehicles or troops, fuel drums, fuel pump, tow cable ends (add material of choice to make various length tow cables), spare track for Panther, PzIII, PzIV, StuG and Sdkfz 251 halftracks. Also included are metal tool boxes, wooden crates, fuel cans, helmets, a bucket and spare wheels for the above mentioned vehicles. 
The amount of detail on the molded pieces is very good. These items will make a very nice addition to any diorama or 28mm war-gaming model. They could also be used to create game objectives for various genre games as. The barrels, some boxes and some of the vehicle wheels are in pieces and need to be assembles. The mold lines are very fine and easily cleaned up. 

I chose to assemble and paint the wooden crates, metal tool boxes, spare wheels, spare tracks, barrels and fuel cans from one sprue. The parts snipped off of the sprues easily with my modeling cutters and mold lines easily cleaned up with either a hobby knife or a fine jewelers file. I used liquid plastic cement to assemble the items with multiple parts. As mentioned above I was very happy with the details on each item. The barrels have bungs, the metal tool boxes have nice hinges and hasps and the canvas items have leather/rope straps on them. The bucket is very nice and can be assembled with the handle in any position.
I primed all of the pieces with Vallejo 70.620 black primer using my Badger 105 Patriot airbrush. Base colors were applied with a brush as was shading and final dry brushing. Once all steps of the painting process were completed the finished items were sprayed with Testors Spray Lacquer Dull Cote.


Wooden Items: Base - Vallejo Model Color Chocolate Brown, Shade – Armypainter Quick Shade “Strong Tone”, Dry Brush – Flames of War Light Brown.

Metal Items: Base – Vallejo Model Color 70.882 Middlestone, Shade – Armypainter Quick Shade “Strong Tone”, Dry Brush – 50/50 mix Vallejo Model Color  Middlestone/Vallejo Model Color 70.820 Off White, Sponge Chipping - Vallejo Model Color 70.836 London Grey. 

Tracks: Base  – Vallejo Model Color 70.950 Black, Shade – Armypainter Quick Shade “Strong Tone”, Dry Brush – Vallejo Model Color 70.985 Hull Red.

Canvas Items: Base – Vallejo Model Color 70.821 German Camo Beige WWII, Shade – Armypainter Quick Shade “Strong Tone”, Dry Brush – no dry brush was used on the canvas items.

Rubber Items: Base – Vallejo Model Color 70.950 Black, Shade – Armypainter Quick Shade “Strong Tone”, Dry Brush – no dry brush was used on the rubber items.

Leather Items: Base – Model Color 70.846 Mahogany Brown, Shade – Armypainter Quick Shade “Strong Tone”, Dry Brush – no dry brush was used on the leather items.
I am very happy with the finished stowage. Look for it in upcoming blog entries. I will be making an objective or two and will be using a lot of it on future vehicle projects that are planned. This kit is a very affordable option for adding reality to dioramas and vehicles in this scale. I think that anyone would be happy with their results. My items will all be weathered in a similar manner in which the vehicle I use them on will be.

Nice graphics and in a sturdy package

Two identical sprues are shipped in individual plastic bags.

Detailed instructions for assembly and for the application of specific parts.

Primed parts ready to paint.
Closer view of primed and assembled items prior to finishing.

Wooden boxes finished and sprayed with Dull Cote.

Finished track sections

Finished spare wheels for various vehicles.

Finished tool boxes and drums

View of the finished items from one sprue (bucket, fuel pump, helmet and tow cable hooks were not finished at this time)

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