June 15, 2016


Nathan Hutchison
The Trench Runners universe expands again with our newest contributor Nathan Hutchison. Nathan is a painters painter. One of the best to grace our doors. Look for him to write reviews and how to articles on the world of miniatures. Be sure to visit his new blog theforgottenturtle.com
 which was created to share Nathan's passion for miniature painting. But, he also adds...this will also be a forum for anything interesting in the world of fantasy fiction. 

Tell us a little about yourself: 
Well, my name is Nathan Hutchison. I am a 26 year old Michigan native, and hobby enthusiast.

How & when did you first get into the hobby?
It was either the year 2000, or 2001. So I had been 10 or 11 years old. I was in the former Wizards of the Coast store, at the mall. I spotted a shelf full of bright red, small packages. I approached the wall and pulled down a package. It was filled with shiny, heavy monsters, holding daggers and clubs. At the time I was clueless as to what I was holding in my hands, especially because the “toy” inside had no color on it. I had unknowingly been holding a Games Workshop blister pack of some Savage orcs. I brought it to the counter, and the employee told me that in the very same mall, there was a store that only sold stuff like this! So, I hiked over to the Games Workshop store and got hooked. I’ve been in the hobby since then.

The Fox & Hound by Nathan Hutchison
What aspects of the hobby appeal to you most?
What are your main interests?: Painting, sculpting, and building a narrative from the two. I love crafting a physical story. When I was young in the hobby, and a singular GW follower, all I did was paint my dwarves to fit the great stories and lore in the army books. I would read, and re-read, the “fluff”. I would look at the concept and army book art for extended periods of time, picking out all the details. I just loved the world and atmosphere of fictional fantasy, and still do.  I have really been trying to get to a high technical standard in my painting. And, I plan to start sculpting very soon. Sculpting is something I inherently enjoy more, just never got a chance to develop quite like painting.

What are your other interest besides the hobby?
Ummm playing games with my miniatures? Ha, but really, I enjoy art, boxing, the martial arts, reading, a bit of writing, hanging with my friends/GF. I am big on physical fitness…but all this hobby is making adherence to that difficult!

What are some of your favorite web-sites?
To name a few: Coolminiornot.com, michtoy.com, massivevoodoo.com, puttyandpaint.com, deviantart.com, reddit.com, thunderboltmountain.com, yadda, yadda. Anything fantasy-fiction/minis.

Do you post on about your hobbies on Facebook or any other social media outlets? 
Yes! I just started my hobby blog: theforgottenturtle.com. That content will extend to Facebook, Instagram, etc. The blog is still nascent, so it is a little bare, but there is plenty to come!

Do you belong to any forums or subscribe/ post to any blogs?:
The only one, Reddit. Other than that, I just lurk. But, I will be much more vocal in other arenas now that I have my blog up.

Any advice for someone new to the hobby?
Patience. It is a difficult and meticulous hobby. Practice patience, and learn learn learn! Read, review, analyze, learn all you can from others in the hobby!

Contact info: theforgottenturtle0@gmail.com


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