June 28, 2016

FIGURE(S) OF THE WEEK #121: Five Civil War Soldiers from CBG Mignot.

Five American Civil War soldiers from the French company, CBG Mignot. 

They are the classic 54mm size (2 1/8" high) and semi-gloss. These were manufactured in the 1950s but they were produced in this way into the ’90s. 

Mignot is the oldest toy soldier company still in operation. Known as Mignot to the English speaking world, it's known in France as C.B.G only or "Cebege". Partners Cuperly, Blondel and Gerbau trademarked the name C.B.G. in 1872. In 1875 they produced the first 55mm fully round figure for the market. The company has been producing figures in this scale ever since.

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