June 01, 2016

Build, Paint & Play the Perry Miniatures Battle in a Box ACW Part 6 - Painting Confederates

Painting the Confederates
For the final “Painting” Tutorial in the series, I’ll jump right in. Prime the figure in any sort of grey. I used Tamiya Surface prime as always.

Paint the flesh and hair with the usual Medium Fleshtone 70860, and Burnt Umber 70941. )

For the whole Confederate half of the project were going to pull from a palette that consists of the following
Leather Brown 70871 -Belts, some hats, shoes
Black 70950 -Bayonet holder, some hats, some shoes
Ivory 70918 -Haversack and canteen strap. 
Flat Brown 70984 -Coats, pants, hats
Light Grey 70990 -Coats, pants, hats
Grey Blue 70943 -Some pants
Vallejo Game Color Khaki 72061 -sCoats, pants, hat

For the example figure here I chose to use the primer color for the pants, and leather brown for the hat and shoes. I used the Vallejo Game Color Khaki for the coat. 
For most of the infantry, I painted the haversack white, and the canteen Grey Blue. In order to make the detail pop a little more, I left the seam between the haversack strap and the canteen strap primer grey. 

Finally theres some special consideration for the wash. Because theres a lot of grey and lighter tones, I had to think about which wash to use. I opted to use the Dark tone from Army Painter but I thinned it quite a bit with water. While I was slopping it on (again, all over the whole figure) I used my finger to keep the highest edges clean. Things like the knees and shoulders for example.)

Just by using the simple palette above and varying coats, hats and pants you can get some great results, especially en masse.

For the final entry well go over the finishing touches of basing and flags.

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