May 24, 2016

Links, Web Gems & A Somewhat Daily Dose of Useless Tidbits for May 24th, 2016

It's time for another Toy Soldier Tuesdays over on our Google+ page

Rubén "HeresyBrush" Torregrossa has a fast & fantastic S-B-S on his blog featuring vignette he did for Wargames: Soldiers & Strategy magazine for their special Salute issue. It's a  28mm scene featuring Norman knights from Conquest Games. You will find more information in the WS&S 84 issue. Although this post it is quiet simple, I think that it is very interesting to see this talented modeler at work. You find a wealth of awe inspiring work on Rueben's blog HERE

Mel, The Terrain Tutor, is on a mission – a life long wargamer with a passion for making terrain, he’s using YouTube to share his passion and to see better terrain and gaming boards! He latest is the Bolt Action D-Day Board.

from his You Tube description...
I'm Mel, The Terrain Tutor and I want to help you build better battlefields, no matter what game you play. I'll be posting various videos and projects ranging from quick tips to make terrain building easier to back to basics videos covering all the important tools, materials and techniques used in scenery building. I'll also be posting terrain projects, product reviews and much more.

How It's Made
The Canadian made program 'How It's Made', just featured a really cool segment on Perry Miniatures and show how they create and sculpt figures and how both spin cast metal figures and injection molded plastic figures are manufactured. Well worth watching!! 
The following link will lead you to the listings

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