July 30, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT RELEASE NEWS: The Latest Perry & Gripping Beast 28mm Plastic Sets

Latest 28mm plastic sets from Gripping Beast and Perry Miniatures.

Perry Miniatures
PRM-VLW01 British Infantry in Afghanistan and Sudan 1877-85
This box contains 36 plastic multipose British Infantry designed for the Second Afghan War, Sudan and the Third Anglo- Burmese War. It also includes unit bases and an information sheet with 8 flags.

These will be part of a new range ‘Victoria’s Little Wars’ (VLW) and include occasional dips into various smaller wars of her reign.

Gripping Beast
GBP-GBP09 Late Roman Infantry
44 figures in total. Inside you will find 8 frames from which you can build 16 unarmoured archers, 16 unarmoured spearmen and 8 armoured spearmen. There are also alternative parts to arm some of your spearmen with drawn swords (up to 8 armoured and 8 unarmoured). There are two frame each with and Officer and Standard Bearer/musician with your choice of Vexillium or Dracos! Also contains plastic bases, enough for all 44 figures.

Gripping Beast Saga
GBP-SRB06 Saga: Age of the Wolf Campaign Book
Age Of The Wolf is a complete system for 2 or more players with each player leading a 4 point war band, (from any of the dark age factions), in an ongoing struggle to gain land and wealth and build reputation. Contesting the ultimate prize of becoming king. 
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