April 13, 2016

Wednesday Wargames - French & Indian War: Blooding at Jenkins Ford

...from the department of "Too Cool" comes Blooding at Jenkins Ford, a beautifully created skirmish game by Cluck Amok using the rules This Very Ground by Iron Ivan Games and Jenkins pre-painted 60mm figures. This scenario represents one of the many small skirmishes that erupted in the forests of North America as colonial defenses, bolstered by English Regiments, sprung up after the defeat of General Braddock at the Battle of the Monongahela. French and Indians dispute British and Colonial control of a key river ford on the frontier. 

In 1758, with the chain of forts across Pennsylvania completed, much of the fighting between the French-allied Indians and the British Provincial forces took on cat and mouse characteristics. The Indians could not defeat all of the forts directly, but they could slip through the defenses and attack British settlements. The defending Militias and Rangers could not easily find the Indian camps, but they could try to cut off the Indian warbands as they slipped back across the frontier. 

Near Fort Allen, a band of warriors in search of supplies had come upon an isolated farmhouse. They thought the house abandoned until they heard voices out back. The warriors discover the farmer’s wife and young son trying to escape and open fire. The farmer steps out from a shed and exchanges fire with the warriors and is immediately cut down. The wife and son escape to alert neighbors nearby while the Indians ransack the home. Suddenly, the looting is cut short by shouts from arriving an force of Rangers, and the pursuit is on!


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