April 06, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT RELEASE NEWS: AK Interactive' s April 2016 Releases

AK Interactive for April 2016
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AKI-425 2016 Catalogue
A lot more than a simple catalogue, this book has become by its own merits in a modeling manual and an item for collectors. Includes articles and over 100 single page tutorials, also our exclusive and well known “Tech Sheets” but it is as well a visual compilation of models from the best modelers all over the world. A must-have!
220 pages, softcover

AKI-4817 Tanker Techniques Magazine Issue 3 - Dust and Dirt 
The initial welcoming, critics and comments received about this magazine have been a lot more positive than we had ever expected. This makes us keep pushing to maintain and improve the quality and contents of this already reference magazine. This is an unconventional and collectable quarterly magazine with more than 100 pages and a must-have for AFV modellers. With wider content than any other magazine, it is dedicated in this issue to represent dust and grime and also packed with different techniques, tricks, interviews and galleries

Aces High Magazine Issue 7: Silver Wings
The 7th issue of our aircraft magazine. This time Daniel Zamarbide and his cooperators show us all the tricks and possibilities of metallic colors through high quality articles, like the P-51 Mustang and the MIG 21, other not so well known as the F-101 Voodoo and the B-26 Marauder, and the known by few F-9-F Panther from Korea made by Daniel Zamarbide himself. Along with illustrations from Romain Hugault. The metallic colors will have no secret for you.

Ak Acrylic Paint Sets
AKI-4190 AK Spanish Civil War Colors 1936-1939
This set allows you to replicate almost all the military vehicles which participated in the Spanish Civil War conflict, including the several transformations these vehicles had as they were stolen or changed sides during the war. To all these variations we have to add the color modifications made by each side made to these vehicles, overall once they were captured as they were abandoned.
This set contains:
– AK163 Dunkelgrau Base
– AK746 4BO Russian Green
– AK753 NR17 RAL 7028 Dunkelgelb
– AK754 NR45Dunkelbraun / RAL7017
– AK4013 NR28 USMC
– AK4042 NR18 WWI British Khaki Brown Base

AKI-MC801 U.S. Modern Vehicles Colors Set
These six colors set allows painting different U.S. modern vehicles in desert scenarios.
It includes colors such as the FS33446 Desert Tan with two variations for highlight volume intensity and modulation. It also includes the color FS24533 for the interior of some US vehicles. The colors within this set are true to the actual color with a little modification for scale effect. These acrylic paints are formulated by MENG models and AK-Interactive under the most exact parameters.
This set contains:
– MC201 U.S. Desert Tan
– MC202 4BO Rubber Black
– MC203 Olive Green
– MC204 Light Greyish Green
– MC251 U.S. Desert Tan Shadow
– MC252 U.S. Desert Tan Light

AKI-MC803 Basics and Equipment Colors Set
This six basic colors set contains the standard for painting accessories and any kind of equipment. These acrylic paints are formulated for airbrush although can be used with brush too, and they are soluble in water. These acrylic paints are formulated by MENG Models and AK-Interactive under the most exact parameters.
This set contains:
– MC001 Matt Black
– MC002 Matt White
– MC003 Matt Red
– MC004 Matt Yellow
– MC005 Matt Blue
– MC505 Gun Metal

AKI-2320 Luftwaffe Pre-War Camouflage Colors
This set offers the modeler the four colors that were used for painting all Luftwaffe front line aircraft from the end of 1936. Although the tri-color upper surface camouflage pattern consisting of RLM 61, 62 and 63, was officially replaced with the RLM 70/71 scheme after 1938, many aircraft retained the former camouflage standard during the first campaigns of the World War II. The colors provided with this set are also useful for painting models of most of the German aircraft used by the Legion Condor during the Spanish Civil War, including many of those that were handed over to the newly-born Spanish Air Force after the end of hostilities. The RLM 65 remained one of the basic underside colors of Luftwaffe aircraft throughout the entire World War II, whilst RLM 61 and 62 were reinstated under new designations in the late period of war.
This set contains:
– AK2026 RLM 61
– AK2027 RLM 62
– AK2034 RLM 63
– AK2003 RLM 65

AK's All New Series for Weathering Trains
AKI-BK-696 Trainspotting - Take Your Trains To A Higher Level
If trains and railway modeling are your passion or you just love quality scale modeling you can’t miss this book with the usual AK’s quality display plus Marklin’s input. A handbook that will possibly become a cult book for scale railway modelers in the next years. A new approach for an instructional book and the for the way techniques are displayed to beginners and advanced modelers.

The book is structured in three main blocks. The first part contains the different techniques and materials we have at our disposal in order to be able to represent as many different effects as it is necessary. The second block walks us through a greatly visual and detailed description of the different processes and materials involved in representing these effects on different types of locomotives and wagons. A variety of techniques and work carried out by some of the best European and American modelers. In the third section we see how to weather railway buildings and rail station structures and their elements. This goes together with a chapter full of real reference pictures of trains from around the world that will really delight the reader and push many to start with the hobby. 

Introducing our new product line, along with the book Trainspotting to make your models reach a level of realism never seen before.
AKI-7000 Trains Locomotives and Wagons Weathering Set 
This is a specific set for weathering trains designed to help representing the most typical effects seen on locomotives and wagons. Contains enamel products of high quality and ease of use
– AK7001 Streaking Grime
– AK7002 Rust Streaks
– AK7003 Neutral Grey Wash
AKI-7010 Trains Undercarriage Weathering Set 
This set is specifically designed to help represent the kind of effects most usually seen on the undercarriage and wheels of trains. Contains enamel products of high quality and ease of use.
This set contains:
– AK7011 Light Rust Wash
– AK7012 Shafts and Bearings Grease
– AK7013 Light Dust Deposit

AK's All New Series of Model Kits
AK148001 Spitfire Mk. IXC Late Plastic Kit
Discover the new plastic kits from AK Interactive, models perfectly de-signed and with an amazing quality. Very easy to assemble, with pho-to-etched details, decals and instructions easy to understand. This model reproduces with high accuracy the Spitfire Mk. IXc Late from the non British allied armies, with markings for three different planes.

AK148002 BF-109 E-/E-3 “Over Spain” Plastic Kit

This model reproduces with high accuracy the Bf 109 E-1/E-3 which were given by the German Army to the Nationalist side on the Spanish Civil War, this kit contains markings for six different aircraft.

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