April 12, 2016

MTSC FIGURE OF THE WEEK #114: Iroquois & Rangers by Replicants

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As part of our Spring 2016 theme of the French & Indian Wars we take a FOTW look at the 1:32 scale plastic figure set Iroquois & Rangers by Replicants . A few years back, Replicants, in conjunction with Plastic Warrior Magazine, launched a competition to invite readers to design a figure for Replicants to produce. The winner was Mr. P.R. Jones of Glamorgan in the UK with his design for a Rogers' Ranger of the French and Indian wars. Peter Cole, the Replicants sculptor, had for some time wanted to make a pair of figures in hand-to-hand combat; so he therefore took the opportunity to make a second ranger fighting an Iroquois. The existing Replicants Iroquois, which was one of their first figures, fits very comfortably with the other three to complete this new set.

The Indian scalping the ranger is one of the nicest sets ever put into plastic. Ingeniously designed where the indian is supported by the scalp he is about to take from the ranger. Too cool...and a worthy Figure of the Week!

What do Replicants do?"
The company exists to produce limited production toy soldiers and figures in polythene in 54mm. Up to now the enormous tooling and production costs have prohibited small batches of figures being made in this material. New mould-making techniques and scaled-down production methods have now made it possible to economically produce batches of around 1,000 mouldings in polythene. This makes it an ideal proposition for the collectors' market but sometimes means that figures may only be in production for a limited period of time.

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