April 20, 2016

Build, Paint & Play the Perry Miniatures Battle in a Box ACW Part 5 - Painting the Cavalry & Artillery

As a change of pace after finishing the Union infantry, I thought I'd vary things up a bit by working on the Artillery and the Cavalry. Generally the uniforms are the same as the infantry but there are a few differences I'll cover as we get to them. The main things here are the horses and the cannons themselves.

Let's start with the rider himself first. In order to assist in painting, while assembling the figures, I left a small piece of sprue attached between the feet to have something to hold on to. This helps prevent the paint from getting scratched off as you work. I started with Army Painter Uniform Grey and the blocked in the flesh as usual with Vallejo Model Color Medium Flesh 70860.

I blocked in the basic colors using Flat Brown 70984 for the hat, Black 70950 for the boots and sword and some of the belts for variety and Leather Brown 70871 the rest of the belt work. For the union you'll need to paint all of the belt work black, and paint the uniform colors in the same way as the infantry. The major detail that makes these cavalry troops is the yellow detailing. Yellow can be a tricky color to paint. To make the process a little easier I used Vallejo Model Color Yellow Ochre 70913. I like this shade for all my yellow at this scale because in small doses it looks yellow enough, but it covers much better than a brighter yellow in my opinion. 

Paint a yellow stripe down the outside of both legs and then paint a sort of rounded triangle shape at the end of the sleeves. Because of the belts hanging off the left side, you really only need a little bit of yellow to give the impression of a stripe. Also paint the collar and the two stripes that are sculpted into the back of the figure. 

The same basic process is used for the artillery crews. Just replace the yellow with a red such as Vallejo Scarlet 70817. The uniform itself works well for basic infantry as well, leaving off the yellow details all together. I'll cover a more rag tag confederate in a future blog.

Normally I don't like painting horses. There's a lot of surface area to paint and the straps can be kind of a pain. There's a few real timesavers I've come across that I'll share here. Both the Union and Confederate horses were painted the same way

To start I primed all of the horses with Army Painter Leather Brown Primer. That’s your biggest time saver. Spraying the model brown means the horse itself is more or less complete and you can focus on the details.

Next paint the horse blanket and the front blanket roll with Vallejo Sky Blue. For some variation you could paint the blanket rolls with more or less any shade of brown. 

Finally paint the belts, remaining equipment, mane and tail Black.

After the rider is glued on, give everything a wash of Army Painter Strong tone.

Painting the Artillery is very straight forward. After assembly, Paint the entire cannon Vallejo German Uniform Green 70920. Paint the rims of the wheels black, and the barrel of the gun either Black or Brass. One of the things we did to really make these figure shine, was to take some twine and wrap it around the hooks on the top of the carriage. 
All the crew is painted as the cavalry but again, use scarlet in place of yellow ochre.

Next we'll take a look at some rag tag Confederates and then we'll tie the whole project together with some advice on basing and some finishing touches.

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