April 05, 2016

Baseball Players Nabisco Rice & Wheat Honeys Cereal Premiums our FIGURE(S) OF THE WEEK #55

Opening Day Figure of the Week!
You smell that? Fresh mowed grass, stretched out smooth and green over a perfect ball field. You hear that? The youth restoring crack of a finely honed piece of ashwood against the firm leather hide of a brand new ball, the sound of metal cleats across the blacktop walkway leading to the dugout. Yeah, more than anything else in nature that occurs to herald the onset of spring, for me, the beginning of the baseball season is the surest sign. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved baseball. In those days we couldn’t play it enough. We had all day into the night marathon games with our buddies on our own homemade diamond in the huge field behind our house. I remember the cool, crisp spring mornings we would get up early, grab our gear and hit the field. Yeah, that’s Spring.

So in honor of the start of a new baseball season and the arrival of spring we feature the 1950s/60s Nabisco Rice & Wheat Honeys Cereal Premiums Baseball Players as our FIGURE OF THE WEEK

Approximately 1/32nd scale and molded in soft plastic these figures are known to collectors as "Lido" figures but in fact were not made by Lido. You would get one figure in each box of cereal, blue in Wheat Honeys and yellow in Rice Honeys, plus a coupon to mail in for more figures using box tops and money. The ABC TV cameraman if often touted as rare and can sell for much more money than the other figures, but it is just as common. The premiums were originally molded in blue and yellow but in later years the figures were made in many other colors.

Image Courtesy  of TOY SOLDIER HQ
A second series of baseball figures was made about 1958. This group WAS made and sold by Lido. 
Baseball players by Lido. These were the only figures actually made by Lido

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