May 01, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT QUICK LOOK: Steel Masters: Modeling World War I Tanks by Frédéric Astier

Histoire & Collections Publications
Modeling WWI Tanks 
by Frédéric Astier
128 pages, softcover
Using numerous S-B-S processes and 500+ pictures illustrating this book, Frederik Astier shares with you his knowledge to building; painting complex camouflage of the Great War, aging and weathering, making mud, painting miniatures, making scenery, etc. Includes photos of orginal militaria as well as a gallery of completed achievements of the author.

This book, for modelers, is devoted to scale model tanks of WWI and accurately describes assembly methods, painting and creation of dioramas for each of 6 different models:
• British Mark IV "Male"
 British Mark IV "Female"
 German A7V
 French Schneider CA
 French Saint-Chamond
 French Renault FT.

Frédérik Astier, a professional photographer, is one of the most talented and prolific French modelers. For more than 10 years, he has been regularly collaborating in the magazine specialized in this area, Steelmasters. Renowned for his mastering techniques in assembly and painting as much as in setting dioramas, he always attaches a particular care to finding documents for each of his projects in order to find the greatest historical accuracy.
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MTSC Trench Runner Review: Modeling World War I Tanks by Frédéric Astier

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