March 16, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Earth Effects - Mud & Splashes from AMMO

From AMMO of MIG we have a new range of earth effects. As with all their weathering products, these are enamel based and are designed to replicate both heavy accumulations of dried and wet mud and also mud splashes. There are two particular properties of the range that will make them of interest. 

- First, they don’t change color once they’ve dried out. This is a constant problem for those of us used to replicating heavy build-ups of mud with pigments – once whatever fixer has been used to bond them to the model’s surface has dried the mud is frequently a quite different color to the one you had envisioned! 

- Second, the enamel base allows them a much longer working time than if you were using an acrylic-based product or even pigments. 

The range is divided into ‘mud’ and ‘splashes’. The former is designed to mimic heavy accumulations of earth and dirt and can be used on both vehicles and groundwork. It can also be combined with sand, static grass and other materials to add extra texture. The ‘splashes’ are a much thinner mix, designed to splattered onto vehicle sides and the like. There are six references in each range and of course, the two products can easily be combined together or with other AMMO Earth Effects. Each reference comes in a screw top 35ml bottle.

Heavy Mud
AMIG-1700 Dry Light Soil Enamel Heavy Mud
AMIG-1701 Thick Soil Enamel Heavy Mud
AMIG-1702 Turned Earth Enamel Heavy Mud
AMIG-1703 Moist Ground Enamel Heavy Mud
AMIG-1704 Heavy Earth Enamel Heavy Mud
AMIG-1705 Wet Mud Enamel Heavy Mud 
Medium Density MudSplashes
AMIG-1750 Dry Earth Enamel Splashed Soil
AMIG-1751 Dry Steppe Enamel Splashed Soil
AMIG-1752 Loose Ground Enamel Splashed Soil 
AMIG-1753 Turned Dirt Enamel Splashed Soil
AMIG-1754 Damp Earth Enamel Splashed Soil
AMIG-1755 Wet Ground Enamel Splashed Soil

View the Range HERE

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