March 25, 2016

Product Spotlight on the True Cowboy kit ref.S8-F60 by Andrea Miniatures

True Cowboy (ref.S8-F60) from Andrea Miniatures by is a 90mm white metal kit. The box art was painted by Carlos Royo and the figure is based on the Frederic Remington lithograph from 1901: "Arizona Cowboy."

Frederic Remington’s paintings and bronzes played a foremost role in the building of the Old West myth such as it is perceived still today. Indians, soldiers, the imposing landscapes of the West and –of course- cowboys, were gloriously captured by Remington’s eyes and masterfully recreated in drawings and paintings of inspiring, impressionist palette. They, together with his series of bronzes full of movement and panache fully succeeded in casting an indelible image of the West and its lore that would later exploited in the movies of the past century.

Andrea's True Cowboy” intends to present a new concept in figure making and painting by revisiting the Remington lithograph "Arizona Cowboy." The first concern was the horse, closely following the Old West’s Cayuses: these small, strong and resilient mounts were favored by the real cowboys and so magnificently portrayed by Remington. One key point when considering professional, quality sculpting or modeling is documentation. A lot of research and study of photographs, paintings and even real horses was performed before starting work with this horse. This was quite the same when approaching the rider, for which many photographs were shot from a “real cowboy” (Fernando Andrea) in full western clothes and gear. The final figure is the result of a coordinated effort at the Andrea studio involving the work of four artists and consuming overall about 300 hours.
When it came to painting the master figure Carlos Royo started by carefully studying a lot of related documentation and meticulously planning his work before handling any brush. Planning is of course essential for a good work and even more so in the case of a big piece like this 90mm kit comprising quite a few parts and offering a lot of painting possibilities. Needless to say, Remington’s paintings and palette were carefully examined by Mr. Royo who, by masterfully using a mixed technique of acrylics and oils, succeeded in producing the striking result of the master figure used for the box art. View our listing HERE

Here's a S-B-S Tutorial by Carlos Royo on painting the True Cowboy in Acrylics

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