March 16, 2016

Build, Paint & Play the Perry Miniatures Battle in a Box ACW Part 4 - Painting the Zouaves

In part 4 Matt tackles...
Painting the Zouaves
Included in the Battle in a box set are enough Zouaves to make a full unit of them and an extra six to include in another unit. These figures look much more daunting than they really are and, in fact aren’t too complicated to paint.

Starting again with a basecoat of Tamiya Surface Primer Grey Spray 87042 I began by painting all the flesh with the same color as the rest of the infantry, Medium Flesh 70860.
Next I painted the uniform with Dark Prussian Blue 70899. Don’t worry about getting paint on the trim here as you can touch this up when you paint the red trim.
To paint the red trim I used Scarlet 70817. This is a solid red that usually covers in 1 or 2 coats. I needed 2 coats to get the pants looking consistent but 1 layer was usually enough for the trim. I think the biggest trick to painting the Zouaves was patience. Painting the trim itself wasn’t too bad. Take it slow and try to get a consistent shade. For the pants and the hats its a lot easier to thin the paint a bit and just slop it on, going back with a second coat once the first is dried. For the trim its much more important to take it slow and try to cover any area thats exposed. With the majority of the Zouaves the left arm covers the majority of the pattern on the chest so you only need to paint whats readily visible. 
Next The tassle on the hat and putties are painted with Yellow Ochre 70913. I like this paint a lot. Its dark enough that it covers almost any other color just fine. Next to the blue and red it looks very yellow too. 

The final steps here are more or less the same as the union at this point. Using Black Grey, Ivory, and Burnt Umber paint in the details in the same way as the previous tutorial. 

I didn’t bother with a wash on these figures. After all the color and detail I didn’t feel like the figures needed it. For the extra step, should you feel it’s necessary, I would recommend Dark Tone from Army Painter.

Coming next: Cavalry

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