March 02, 2016

Build, Paint & Play the Perry Miniatures Battle in a Box ACW Part 3 - Painting the Union Infantry

Painting the Union Part 1
Next up on the agenda is assembling & painting the Union infantry... 

As with all plastics be sure to wash the spures in warm soap and water to remove any mold release agents. Assembly is pretty straight forward as these figures usually only require a hat to be glued on. Using a good sprue cutter I carefully remove the various parts to be used on each figure. After removal you may find a small nub on the part where in was attached to the sprue. These are easily remove using a sanding stick or a modeling knife. I prefer to use Testors #3502 Liquid Cement for Plastic, it bonds great, is tacky enough when first applying to allow for positioning of the parts and dries fairly quickly once you are happy with the placement but I always let it dry overnight before priming and painting.

There are two main parts to this, The regular infantry and the Zouaves. We’ll start with the regular infantry. Once assembled the figures are primed with my usual grey primer. I prefer Tamiya Surface Primer Grey Spray 87042 which is fine enough to not overwhelm the details on smaller figures but any good primer will do. As I’m trying to get decent results as quickly as possible, I’m going to be mostly basecoating and using washes where I can. The Union color scheme is generally pretty straightforward. All colors are Vallejo Model Color unless otherwise stated.
I started by blocking in all the flesh using Medium Flesh 70860. Once this is done I started painting the uniform colors. All the jackets were painted with Dark Prussian Blue 70899 and the pants with Grey Blue 70943. Again for the sake of saving time, I painted all the hair the same color, in this case Burnt Umber 70941.

The longest step for these figures was probably painting all the black details. Things like belts, bags, straps and shoes. This is the most time consuming step simply because there are a lot of little details to paint. I wasn’t worrying too much about being neat here as the wash usually fixes the little mistakes.

At this point I started working on the rifles. I basecoated the guns with Burnt Umber 70941 and the metal bits with Black. The metal bits all got touched up with Oily Steel 70865.

I painted the canteens the same color as the paints and the straps for these with Ivory 70918. Again neatness is not as big of an issue at this stage.

After all the parts are painted with their final colors I washed the figures with a dark wash. Because the uniforms are a darker blue color with lots of black details, I went with Army Painter Dark Tone. This wash goes over the whole figure. I let the wash run into the recesses and shade the whole model. Because the blue pants are a lighter tone, its important to try and keep the wash in the recesses of the pants. 
When the wash is completely dry I sprayed the whole figure with Testors Dullcote to protect the figure. 
Next up: Part 4 Painting Zouaves

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