February 16, 2016

Matt Koltonow's Game On! Build, Paint & Play The Perry Miniatures ACW Box Set

We have put together a Specially Priced Package to Build, Paint & Play the American Civil War Battle in A Box Set. These are all the products we used to build, paint and play the ACW Battle Box game as featured in our article at a discount special price. Follow along as we put together this massive package of fun HERE

You get the following:
Vallejo Model Color
70865 - Oily Steel for Rifles, Canteen Caps, Bayonets
70899 - Dark Prussian Blue for Union Uniform
70950 - Flat Black for Belts, Cartridge boxes, Union Haversacks and Bedrolls
70943 - Grey Blue for Union Pants
70984 - Flat Brown for Hats, Confederate Clothing
70801 - Brass for Buttons, Buckles
70860 - Medium Fleshtone for Skin
70817 - Scarlet for Artillery Crews, Zouaves, Officer sash
70913 - Yellow Ochre for Cavalry Trim
70941 - Burnt Umber for Hair, Rifles
70990 - Light Grey for Alternate Confederate Grey
70871 - Leather Brown for Confederate clothing, Alternate Hair
70918 - Ivory for Union Canteen Straps
70920 - German Uniform for Artillery
Vallejo Game Color
72061 - Khaki for Confederate Butternut
Army Painter
AP-WP1135 Warpaints Strong Tone Ink 18ml Bottle 

Tools & Supplies
Army Painter
TAP-ST5110 Plastic Wargaming Assembly Set
TAP-CP3010Uniform Gray Primer
TAP-ST5101 Hobby Brush Starter Set
TAP-TL5021 Dice set

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