February 22, 2016

Build, Paint & Play the Perry Miniatures Battle in a Box ACW Part 2 - Assemble and Paint the Scenics

Build, Paint & Play the Perry Miniatures Battle in A Box 
Part 2 The Scenics with Matt Koltonow

Normally when I dive into a new period I like to plan out the project in stages. I try to make “checkpoints” to keep progress coming. For this project, we split the workload amongst the staff here and broke it down as follows
- Assemble and Paint the Scenics
- Assemble all the Union and then paint it
- Assemble all the Cavalry and then paint it
- Assemble all the Artillery and then paint it
- Assemble all the Confederates and then paint it
- Finishing touches

The first step here was to put together the Farmhouse kit. The trick to putting this kit together was to test fit as you go. The kit is pretty easy to put together. Assembly is pretty straight forward. The whole kit was assembled except for the doors, the barrels, the chair, and the porch supports, before it was primed. These parts were painted on the sprue.

The house was primed with Army Painter White spray paint. The top of the kit was then sprayed with Army Painter Leather brown to cover the roof and to speed up the painting. The barrels, chair and door pieces are also sprayed brown while they are still on the sprue.

The undersides of the clapboard are painted with a thinned Light Grey. The walls are then washed with Vallejo Pale Grey Wash. This step does not need to be neat. Let the wash run wherever on the walls to produce a weathered effect. 

The porch, windows and door frames are painted using Vallejo Panzer Aces Old Wood. The windows and door frames are then painted with Vallejo Green Ink. Give the porch, roof, barrels, and doors a wash using Vallejo Black Wash. 

The only tricky part of this kit is the brick work of the chimney. This part can look a little more complicated than it really is. Paint the whole chimney Light Grey. The faces of the bricks are then painted various reds and oranges. Be sure to leave some grey showing between the bricks. Wash the whole chimney with the previously mentioned Pale Grey wash to unify the area, then with the black wash to darken and shade it. 

To finish the model cut out and assemble the remaining parts. Lightly dry brush the roof, door, and porch with a light sand color such as Iraqi Sand. 

What’s a Civil War game without fencing? The fence is very simple. Spray all the fence parts right on the sprue with that Army Painter Leather Brown primer. Cut the parts out and glue them together. We decided to glue the fence into groups of three. One could easily give these a dark wash though with all the other painting to do it’s hardly required.

Coming Next: The Union

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