February 26, 2016

Another Somewhat Daily Dose of Useless Tidbits for 26february2016

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Figure Painter Magazine # 34

Now Available for Download

From the publisher-
We have a pretty cool issue for you this month, kicking off with an Insight interview with one of my favourite painters, Diego Esteban, who not only tells us about his painting, but also about his latest venture, HeraModels. We also have interviews with Dave Heathfield of ‘Eavy Metal fame, as well as with Sebastian Archer and Peter Overton, the guys behind the Twisted game and miniature range who have taken the time to chat with FPM during their very successful crowdfunding campaign.

We also have a packed issue for you with our reviews. We unbox miniatures from Armoured Syndicate, Figone, Nutsplanet, Beyond Miniatures, RP Models, Young Miniatures and take a close look at the latest Adoba Diorama book.

Tutorials this month are from Sergey Popovichenko, Sergey Chasnyk and from Juan Ignacio Corujo, plus…drumroll please…the Malifaux Gaming Table is finally finished. Make sure you tune in next issue, because we have some really special news about that!.

STILL THE BEST DEAL ON THE WEB! FPM is available as a downloaded PDF for less then $2.00 a copy.  FPM is a independent magazine dedicated to sculpting, painting, displaying, collecting and gaming with miniature figures from all genre's. The magazine has details on new releases, reviews, interviews with the industries top painters and sculptors, show reports, tutorials 

It's time for another...
Friday Figures
a selection of our favorite figures from the past week or so over on our FACEBOOK page

February 23, 2016

FIGURE(S) OF THE WEEK #108: 6" Cowboys by the Marx Toy Company

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Featured here are two of my all-time favorite toy soldier figures. These are cowboys in the 6" figures range from Marx. After stumbling across a box of these in the attic I decide to paint up my two favorites which are featured here. After washing them good in hot soap and water I primed them with Rustoleum plastic primer and proceeded to paint them in Vallejo Model Color acrylics.

FIY- In the early 1960’s the Louis Marx Toy Company of New York was fighting for continued dominance of the U.S. toy market. While their innovative, fairly expensive toys are well remembered, Marx also went strongly after the “dime store” trade. In 1963 Marx introduced a new line figures for inexpensive dime store sales, and these are what collectors today call the 6-inch figures.  The initial figures were sold in 1963, and production continued into the 1970s. Manufactured first in the U.S., the 6-inch figures were later made at Marx facilities in Great Britain, Hong Kong, and Mexico. The 6-inch figures were generally sold individually at 19 cents apiece. 

The “six inchers” incorporated much of the molding and style of the very small Marx play set figures and the boxed “Warriors of the World” series, even at times the same figures, but at six inches the new line could display a great deal of detail. Finely sculpted, detailed and extemely attractive, the facial expressions are especially interesting, with details much clearer than on smaller figures. There were at least 18 groups of 6-inch figures, including four in the American wild west theme:  cowboys, Indians, pioneers, and cavalrymen. Each of these four groups included six poses.

Join the Fun! Have a favorite figure? Send us a good image of it along with a brief description and become one of our Figure of the Week contributors. Email you submissions to michtoystaff@michtoy.com. If your figure is chosen you will receive a special promo code for a nice discount on your next order with us as well as our eternal gratitude.

February 22, 2016

Build, Paint & Play the Perry Miniatures Battle in a Box ACW Part 2 - Assemble and Paint the Scenics

Build, Paint & Play the Perry Miniatures Battle in A Box 
Part 2 The Scenics with Matt Koltonow

Normally when I dive into a new period I like to plan out the project in stages. I try to make “checkpoints” to keep progress coming. For this project, we split the workload amongst the staff here and broke it down as follows
- Assemble and Paint the Scenics
- Assemble all the Union and then paint it
- Assemble all the Cavalry and then paint it
- Assemble all the Artillery and then paint it
- Assemble all the Confederates and then paint it
- Finishing touches

The first step here was to put together the Farmhouse kit. The trick to putting this kit together was to test fit as you go. The kit is pretty easy to put together. Assembly is pretty straight forward. The whole kit was assembled except for the doors, the barrels, the chair, and the porch supports, before it was primed. These parts were painted on the sprue.

The house was primed with Army Painter White spray paint. The top of the kit was then sprayed with Army Painter Leather brown to cover the roof and to speed up the painting. The barrels, chair and door pieces are also sprayed brown while they are still on the sprue.

The undersides of the clapboard are painted with a thinned Light Grey. The walls are then washed with Vallejo Pale Grey Wash. This step does not need to be neat. Let the wash run wherever on the walls to produce a weathered effect. 

The porch, windows and door frames are painted using Vallejo Panzer Aces Old Wood. The windows and door frames are then painted with Vallejo Green Ink. Give the porch, roof, barrels, and doors a wash using Vallejo Black Wash. 

The only tricky part of this kit is the brick work of the chimney. This part can look a little more complicated than it really is. Paint the whole chimney Light Grey. The faces of the bricks are then painted various reds and oranges. Be sure to leave some grey showing between the bricks. Wash the whole chimney with the previously mentioned Pale Grey wash to unify the area, then with the black wash to darken and shade it. 

To finish the model cut out and assemble the remaining parts. Lightly dry brush the roof, door, and porch with a light sand color such as Iraqi Sand. 

What’s a Civil War game without fencing? The fence is very simple. Spray all the fence parts right on the sprue with that Army Painter Leather Brown primer. Cut the parts out and glue them together. We decided to glue the fence into groups of three. One could easily give these a dark wash though with all the other painting to do it’s hardly required.

Coming Next: The Union

February 19, 2016

A sign Spring is near...

So it begins! ... Pitchers & Catchers Report
Go Tigers!!
54mm plastic cereal premiums manufactured by LIDO. c.1960s
Detroit Tigers 1968 Logo

February 16, 2016

Matt Koltonow's Game On! Build, Paint & Play The Perry Miniatures ACW Box Set

We have put together a Specially Priced Package to Build, Paint & Play the American Civil War Battle in A Box Set. These are all the products we used to build, paint and play the ACW Battle Box game as featured in our article at a discount special price. Follow along as we put together this massive package of fun HERE

You get the following:
Vallejo Model Color
70865 - Oily Steel for Rifles, Canteen Caps, Bayonets
70899 - Dark Prussian Blue for Union Uniform
70950 - Flat Black for Belts, Cartridge boxes, Union Haversacks and Bedrolls
70943 - Grey Blue for Union Pants
70984 - Flat Brown for Hats, Confederate Clothing
70801 - Brass for Buttons, Buckles
70860 - Medium Fleshtone for Skin
70817 - Scarlet for Artillery Crews, Zouaves, Officer sash
70913 - Yellow Ochre for Cavalry Trim
70941 - Burnt Umber for Hair, Rifles
70990 - Light Grey for Alternate Confederate Grey
70871 - Leather Brown for Confederate clothing, Alternate Hair
70918 - Ivory for Union Canteen Straps
70920 - German Uniform for Artillery
Vallejo Game Color
72061 - Khaki for Confederate Butternut
Army Painter
AP-WP1135 Warpaints Strong Tone Ink 18ml Bottle 

Tools & Supplies
Army Painter
TAP-ST5110 Plastic Wargaming Assembly Set
TAP-CP3010Uniform Gray Primer
TAP-ST5101 Hobby Brush Starter Set
TAP-TL5021 Dice set

Matt Koltonow's Game On! Build, Paint & Play the Perry Miniatures Battle in a Box ACW Part 1

American Civil War Battle in A Box Part 1
PRM-BB1 American Civil War Battle in A Box
Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be taking a look at the newest offering from Perry Miniatures: American Civil War Battle in A Box. This is a complete starter set that contains enough 28mm plastic figures for both sides, some terrain, bases and a rulebook. The box comes with 2 Generals, 145 Infantry, 12 Cavalry, 18 Artillery Crew, 4 Artillery, a plastic farmhouse kit, and a bunch of fencing. 

We will go through the entire process of building out the set including assembling the figures and scenics, painting  and basing the figures and finally playing the game...all using exactly what is supplied in the box. 
PRM-BB1 American Civil War Battle in A Box Bottom
Upon opening the kit, you can see we have a pile of plastic sprues, the rulebook and a double sided flag/paint guide. The contents are neatly organized and it was really easy to figure out what everything was. The rules on a quick read thru look very straight forward and seem to be quite solid. Infantry units are made up of 18 figures and cavalry are made up of 6 figures. The rules recommend basing infantry 3 across on a 45 mm base, and cavalry 3 across on a 60mm base. The flag/info sheet seems to be a compilation of the backs of the individual boxes. The color guides are useful and the flags look nice.

The infantry is made from 5 sprues. The generic infantry set produces the majority of the union troops. Included on the union side are some Zouaves and Zouave command sprues. Once it’s all assembled, the union side consists of 2 full units of regular infantry, 1 full unit of Zouaves, and 1 mixed unit. 

The Confederates are all pulled from the previously produced Confederate infantry and Confederate Command sprues. The cavalry is made up of three sprues from the Perry Cavalry box, and is used to make a unit of 6 Cavalry on both sides. Theres enough artillery to make 2 guns for each army. Also included are enough bases for all the figures.

Union Infantry Sprues
Zouave Sprues
Confederate Infantry Sprues
Cavalry  Sprues
Artillery Sprues
Also included is the Farmhouse kit, and some fencing. This is the Perry Farmhouse kit and Renedra fencing. (Insert 1009)
Farm House & Fence Sprues
New to this set is the plastic ACW General Sprue. This sprue has a horse and general figure with a few options for assembly. 2 are included.
Mounted Officers
One of the great things about the set is that it really does include everything to get started in the period. All the components are easy to assemble and take paint well. The rules look simple but seem to cover the Civil War well. I’d recommend it to both beginners to the period as well as people looking to expand an existing collection. 
View this product HERE

Coming Next: Assembling the Terrain

February 15, 2016

Imperial Issue 2: The Imperial Legions March

Greetings once again dear readers,

I come to you now with a small piece on the basics of basing and combining sets of miniatures. For this enterprise, I have requisitioned four Romans from a different set, this time Strelets Mini-Roman Imperial Legion on Ceremonial March (STL-M101) As an addition to the original 4 romans that are at parade rest/in ranks, these bring the unit up to a single contubernium, or tent grouping.

In the legion, these tent groupings were the smallest organization of men. Equivalent to a squad or section in todays military, the men of a contubernium ate, slept, bathed, and fought together.

To begin, I painted these four Romans the exact same way, and in the exact same steps as the original group. A unified paint scheme not only brings the models together as a coherent unit, but allows them to integrate into the army as a whole.

Key part to this integration however, is the basing scheme for the army. Working in tandem with a quality paint scheme, the way you base your models can make all the difference in creating unified, stunning army.

For these Romans, I decided to use a mixture of two materials from Gale Force Nine scenics. These are the gale force nine fine basing grit, and gale force nine summer blend flock. I combined these in a tupperware container, using half the container of basing grit and adding the entire round (a type of container) of summer blend flock. This mixture gives even coverage, while allowing the summer blend flock to stand out. The basing grit provides contrast and texture. The results you can see below.

While subtle with only two multi-bases, the combination of the marching and at rest sets allow for a variety of interpretations of formation. For example, in the pictures above the set of 4 men to the left are marching to come in line with the men at rest beside them. Place that base of marching troops behind, and they are marching to reinforce a held position. Once you multiply this effect into units of 40 and 80 romans, you have the impression of a moving wall of troops supporting a stalwart front line.

The lesson here is to pay close attention to the poses your miniatures come in, see how you can modify them, and then also spend time on ranking them up in various ways to produce subtle yet powerful imagery.

Next time on Imperial Issue, we will be leaving the Romans behind for awhile and skipping foward in time to the Middle Ages, where i will talk to length about heraldry and armor, and how to incorporate layering and highlighting with these details to accentuate the stunning detail of the kits. 

'Till next time,
Maxwell McDougall

February 13, 2016

Another Somewhat Daily Dose of Useless Tidbits for Valentines Day 2016

Love is in the Air!

Take Her out & Paint the Town Red!

Words of Wisdom...
Green Army Men Know!

True Love!

I See RED People!

Happy Valentines Day!

February 12, 2016

A Tuft Life Just Got a little better with the new Tuft Range from The Army Painter!

Life can be tuft that's for sure but it doesn't have to be with the New Tuft range from The Army Painter!...Even Ferraris need a fresh set of tires now and again, and even quality products can get better. With these thoughts in mind Army Painter have taken a long hard look at their tufts range... AND MADE IT EVEN BETTER.

77 tufts in three different sizes for endless variations!
Each new package of tufts contains 77 organic looking tufts, 12 large, 35 medium and 30 small tufts - and the price stays exactly the same! The varied sizes of the tufts makes them easy to combine giving, the natural look of swamp, tundra, woodlands or wasteland.

New format - easier to use
The new tufts are individually adhered to a piece of parchment, making them easy to peel of and stick to the base of a miniature, the different sizes of the tufts and subtle variations between colors makes it very easy to combine several tufts to outline the story of a regiment. The new larger packages better displays the tufts, while showing off the varied sizes.

Available Now Lookie HERE
BF4201: Swamp Tuft
It came from the swamp! With this tuft your miniatures can do their swamp thing all day long. The Swamp Tuft gives you 77 natural looking tufts in three sizes, 12 large 35 medium and 30 small, for endless variations all with no added stinky swamp smells! 
BF4202: Highland Tuft
Rolling hills and deep lochs from the land of THE MONSTER!, the Highland Tuft lets you mimic this mysterious scenery. The Highland Tuft gives you 77 natural looking tufts in three sizes, 12 large 35 medium and 30 small, for endless variations. 

BF4203 Battlefields XP: Winter Tuft 
"Baby it's cold outside!" So tuften up your winter warriors with the Winter Tuft. The Winter Tuft gives you 77 natural looking tufts in three sizes, 12 large 35 medium and 30 small, for endless variations. 
 ALL NEW BF4204: Woodland Tuft
Morning wood? Evening wood? For any wood you need... The Woodland Tuft perfectly emulates deep forests and beautiful glades. The Woodland Tuft gives you 77 natural looking tufts in three sizes, 12 large 35 medium and 30 small, for endless variations. 
 ALL NEW BF4205: Frozen Tuft
You loved the movie now relive the tuft! The Frozen Tuft is perfect for decorating that Frozen doll your kid keeps leaving in the middle of the floor or even for your frozen tundra, icy plains or other chilly environment. The Frozen Tuft gives you 77 natural looking tufts in three sizes, 12 large 35 medium and 30 small, for endless variations. 
BF4209: Miniature Razor Wire
Razor Wire is perfect for keeping things apart so whether you are herding zombies or if you are an infidel stopping a charge, razor wire is the way to go. The Army Painter Razor Wire is easy to work with, you can bend it into a mangled heap for that apocalyptic look or roll it tight around your brush to make perfect barricades to protect your soldiers.

Available April 2016 Pre-order HERE

BF4206: Wasteland Tuft

"It's only Teenage...Wasteland"... WHO said that? All alone in the great wastes of the world your miniatures will have to fend for themselves. The Wasteland Tuft gives you 77 natural looking tufts in three sizes, 12 large 35 medium and 30 small, for endless variations. 
ALL NEW BF4207: Mountain Tuft

This tuft mimics tufts of vegetation above the tree line (that's really high up) - and would make any mountain goat drool. The Mountain Tuft gives you 77 natural looking tufts in three sizes, 12 large 35 medium and 30 small, for endless variations. 
BF4208: Jungle Tuft

Bright green and full of imaginary mosquitoes and endorsed by Tarzan himself.. this tuft closely mimics the jungles of the world. The Jungle Tuft gives you 77 natural looking tufts in three sizes, 12 large 35 medium and 30 small, for endless variations. 
BF4210: Meadow Flowers
"You Don't Bring Me Flowers?" A really crappy 70s song but a wonderful and colorful tuft that gives you 77 natural looking tufts in three sizes, 12 large 35 medium and 30 small, for endless variations. Too many figures pilling up everywhere and the Ms. giving you trouble? Meadow Flowers are the perfect way to say I love you!
 Battlefields XP

February 09, 2016

It's Toy Soldier Tuesdays! A collection of vintage and current production toy soldiers!

It's Toy Soldier Tuesdays! Over on our Google+ page. Click on over HERE for more images of the figures featured below from this new Michigan Toy Soldier Company social media feature collection.
Elastolin 4cm figures in rare 1st & 2nd versions
with castle as sold by FOA Schwarz c1960s
Lineol 7cm composition figures with tin plate truck,
 boat and bridge. c1930s 
Elastolin 4cm figures in rare 1st & 2nd versions
with castle as sold by FOA Schwarz c1960s
Dimestore' Cowboys by Manoil c1930s.
We Buy, Sell, Trade Collections and Accumulations of New & Old Toy Soldiers, Historical Miniatures, Historical Reference Books, Militaria, Vintage, Games, Paper Products, Model & Figure kits and related paraphernalia. We also accept consignments.

Always looking for quality figure collections including but not exclusive to: Barclay, Manoil, American Metal, Elastolin, Lineol, Marx, Timpo, Airfix, ESCI, Xiloplasto, Cromoplasto, Chialu, Nardi, Britains, Herald, Timpo, Starlux, Reamsa, Cherilea, Jecsan, JoHillco, Durso, Imperial Productions, Conte Collectibles, Mignot, Clairet, Trophy of Wales, King & Country, The St. Petersburg Collection, John Jenkins, Collectors Showcase and all other makers of metal and plastic figures any in any scale.