December 22, 2016

Product Spotlight: The Tamiya Range of Masking Products + Masking Tape for Curves

Masking is a job which modelers of all kinds of models, in every scale must carry out, and it requires precision in order to ensure that your creation gets the perfect paint job. A good quality roll of tape is virtually indispensable. That brings us to Tamiya masking tapes. This thin, self adhesive paper tape was developed specifically for model applications. The tape is flexible and is easily applied to curved surfaces making it ideal for masking off small and large areas. It is offered tape in 4 widths, 6mm, 10mm, 18mm and 40mm with the first three also being sold in plastic dispensers. 

A nice masking tutorial with videos can be found HERE

In 2014 Tamiya released Masking Tape w/Plastic Sheetinghandy combination of masking tape with a opaque plastic sheet attached which allows you to mask with precision, using the sheeting to cover large areas and saving time otherwise spent taping the whole area to be masked. When folded out the 10m roll  has a width of 550mm.

In 2015 Tamyia came up with Masking Tape for Curves in 2mm, 3mm and 5mm sizes. This tape allows smooth and secure masking-off of curved lines where standard masking tape would sustain creases and possibly let paint seep underneath. A soft resin material is used, allowing the tape to adhere in a curved line while preventing paint from seeping into masked off areas.

In 2016 Tamyia added Masking Tape for Curves in 12mm

See it in use on Resin Illuminati who posted a nice quick look at the line.

Tamiya Masking Sticker Sheets are essentially a A4 sheet of Tamiya masking tape and are ideal for various tasks such as masking off areas on R/C models, static models, and craft creations for painting. Simply plot and cut out your design, remove the backing and position the mask to the desired area and paint! The masking is easily removed and unlike most masking products it leaves no sticky residue.

TAM-87030 6mm Masking Tape
TAM-87031 10mm Masking Tape 
TAM-87032 18mm Masking Tape 
TAM-87033 6mm Masking Tape Refill 
TAM-87034 10mm Masking Tape Refill 
TAM-87035 18mm Masking Tape Refill 
TAM-87063 40mm Masking Tape 
TAM-87129 Masking Sticker Sheet 1mm Grid Type (5) 
TAM-87130 Masking Sticker Sheet (5) 
TAM-87164 550mm Masking Tape w/Plastic Sheeting 
TAM-87177 Masking Tape for Curves 2mm 
TAM-87178 Masking Tape for Curves 3mm 
TAM-87179 Masking Tape for Curves 5mm
TAM-871184 Masking Tape for Curves 12mm

Video Review Tamiya Curves by International Scale Modeller


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