July 01, 2017

MTSC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Panzer Putty Masking Agent by MXpression

Every now & then a remarkable custom-made model making product emerge and while this has been on the market for some time now it is gaining in popularity for use in masking models so we thought a closer look at it was warranted. 

Panzer Putty by MXpression (ref. MXA001)  is a dilatant Silicon Putty. Use it as a universal masking agent for airbrushing all genre and scales of modeling. This formula is specially designed for multiple uses and easy clean up. Panzer Putty easily conforms to all surfaces and details allowing for both hard and soft edge camouflages. It changes its behaviour depending on the force applied. With low force you can easily shape it. A Panzer Putty ball would bounce like a rubber ball, it will splinter when hit with a hammer and breaks smooth when ripped apart. It is not oily or sticky and is specially designed to leave NO residue on surfaces. It is also very easy to remove. and does not dry and is therefore an ideal tool to airbrush patterns on your models. And not only once but many times.
Note: This product is also sold under the AMMO of MIG Brand which is simply a repackage of the original Panzer Putty.

View Panzer Putty Tips & Tricks in pdf format HERE
View to order HERE

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