January 30, 2016

MTSC PRODUCT RELEASE NEWS: Issue SM.01 from the new SM Series by Rinaldi Studio Press

The latest release from Mike Rinaldi comes in the form of the new SM Series (Single Model) books which are a new concept designed to fully illustrate a single model project from start to finish. Using the qualities RSP has developed throughout the best selling TANKART titles, SM Series builds upon the unique nature of discussing modeling in the How and the Why, combined with large professional photography, and clear contemporary design to bring you the greater world of scale modeling in ALL its various forms and finishes. One of the main goals for these new SM titles is the further expansion of RSP into the larger hobby as a whole. Science Fiction, Aviation, Construction Equipment and RailRoading projects, even Racing subjects will be presented throughout this new on-going series, plus they will also cover Military subjects too, often singular models not destined for other RSP titles. The books are open to All Scales - All Eras - All Subjects, which allows the series author Michael Rinaldi to tackle a greater variety of topics and finishes unlike anything he has attempted before. A core premise of the new series is to explore and redefine artisitic and creative finishes for each subject. The first 10 SM Series titles will include science fiction robots/mecha/Gundam, WWII aircraft, civilian trucks, even a WWI gun just to list a few...so much cool stuff is coming.

The first book is based on a Science Fiction topic, that being a resin kit with a most unusual and unique project, 1/35 Fichten Foo's Fantastical Fish-shaped Submersible ... inside features the full story over 95 pages and covers the build and paint in all the ways you love with RSP books to date. According to Mike the new clean open graphic layout will allow for even great storytelling and large hi-res images showcasing the reasons why, and detail the various processes and products used throughout the project. The smaller lighter book size (6 1/2" x 7 1/2") is designed for ease of use and carrying around.

Sample pages from SM.01

SM.02 and SM.03 will cover a civilian subject and military subject respectively (to be announced shortly -- the cover comps shown are mock-ups only, not actual). They are both currently in production and will follow closely on the heels of SM.01 to help launch the series.

This is a long term and ongoing series, and future titles will release at about 1-2 month intervals and cover a wide range of subjects from aircraft, science fiction mecha and vehicles (yes, some famous movie/anime stuff too!), unique armor projects, construction equipment, civilian vehicles, racing subjects and much much more...

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