February 16, 2016

Matt Koltonow's Game On! Build, Paint & Play the Perry Miniatures Battle in a Box ACW Part 1

American Civil War Battle in A Box Part 1
PRM-BB1 American Civil War Battle in A Box
Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be taking a look at the newest offering from Perry Miniatures: American Civil War Battle in A Box. This is a complete starter set that contains enough 28mm plastic figures for both sides, some terrain, bases and a rulebook. The box comes with 2 Generals, 145 Infantry, 12 Cavalry, 18 Artillery Crew, 4 Artillery, a plastic farmhouse kit, and a bunch of fencing. 

We will go through the entire process of building out the set including assembling the figures and scenics, painting  and basing the figures and finally playing the game...all using exactly what is supplied in the box. 
PRM-BB1 American Civil War Battle in A Box Bottom
Upon opening the kit, you can see we have a pile of plastic sprues, the rulebook and a double sided flag/paint guide. The contents are neatly organized and it was really easy to figure out what everything was. The rules on a quick read thru look very straight forward and seem to be quite solid. Infantry units are made up of 18 figures and cavalry are made up of 6 figures. The rules recommend basing infantry 3 across on a 45 mm base, and cavalry 3 across on a 60mm base. The flag/info sheet seems to be a compilation of the backs of the individual boxes. The color guides are useful and the flags look nice.

The infantry is made from 5 sprues. The generic infantry set produces the majority of the union troops. Included on the union side are some Zouaves and Zouave command sprues. Once it’s all assembled, the union side consists of 2 full units of regular infantry, 1 full unit of Zouaves, and 1 mixed unit. 

The Confederates are all pulled from the previously produced Confederate infantry and Confederate Command sprues. The cavalry is made up of three sprues from the Perry Cavalry box, and is used to make a unit of 6 Cavalry on both sides. Theres enough artillery to make 2 guns for each army. Also included are enough bases for all the figures.

Union Infantry Sprues
Zouave Sprues
Confederate Infantry Sprues
Cavalry  Sprues
Artillery Sprues
Also included is the Farmhouse kit, and some fencing. This is the Perry Farmhouse kit and Renedra fencing. (Insert 1009)
Farm House & Fence Sprues
New to this set is the plastic ACW General Sprue. This sprue has a horse and general figure with a few options for assembly. 2 are included.
Mounted Officers
One of the great things about the set is that it really does include everything to get started in the period. All the components are easy to assemble and take paint well. The rules look simple but seem to cover the Civil War well. I’d recommend it to both beginners to the period as well as people looking to expand an existing collection. 
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Coming Next: Assembling the Terrain

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