January 26, 2016

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #105: WWI German Trench Diorama By The Essex Regiment + Toy Soldiers on Tuesdays

Our latest Figure of the Week is this unique one-of-a-kind hand made and painted diorama by Allen Kesley (and featured in Old Toy Soldier Magazine) of the Essex Regiment. Everything in this 54mm scene is scratch built including the figures. A true one-of-a-kind piece of The Art of the Toy 

...more Toy Soldiers on Tuesdays as featured on our Facebook page

New in the MTSC Gallery is this American Civil War Diorama by Kevin Haines of St. Paris, Oh. Kevin created this 1/32nd scale diorama using a variety of manufactures. Included are Shenadoah Miniatires, IR Miniatures, Britains Deetail plastics and many others. Many scenics were created by hand and the corn is made by JTT. Kevin told us ..."I am always adding to it and tearing it down and setting it up a different way. 

Featured below is a collection of original loose and boxed American Civil War plastic figures from the 50s, 60s & 70s including Britains Eyes Right, Swoppets and Deetail, Herald and Timpo Toys.

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