December 04, 2015

With the New Vallejo Modular Paint Stands...Organization is the key To Success!

Organization is the key To Success...or so my Grandpa once told me! 
...and we have the perfect solution for storing your paint, primer and weathering bottles and brushes. The Front Module Vallejo Paint Stand from Vallejo has space for 52 bottles of Vallejo color in 17ml size, together with 8 bottles of 35ml or 60 ml and 22 brushes. The Corner Module Vallejo Paint Stand has space for 28 bottles of Vallejo color bottles in 17ml size, together with 16 bottles of 35ml or 60 ml, one 200ml bottle and 26 brushes. The Front Module can be combined with the Corner Modules to suit your needs. Easy to assemble and does not require glue.

Vallejo Modular Paint Stands 

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