December 22, 2015

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #101 Krippe (Manger) Series, composition figures c.1930s

Hausser Elastolin Krippe c.1930s
from the MTSC Collection
Krippe (Manger) Series,
composition figures c.1930s
This offering highlights the true meaning of the season, at least for Christians around the world. Heavy commercialization of Christmas took off in WWII when people had to buy early to get gifts to troops, but the early shopping season didn’t end with the war. These days the buying season is not only longer, but more central both to Christmas and the economy. We thought it would be nice to go back to the true meaning Christmas with these vintage figures from the German toy soldier maker Hausser/Elastolin.

'Fight for the Works'
These three 1/30th scale pewter sets were produced as exclusive Michigan Toy Soldier sets several years back. Sculpted by Ken Osen and manufactured by W Britains.

World War I Diorama displayed in the Museo de Miniatures MilitaresJaca, Spain
The division of Europe and colonial tensions between the great powers in 1914 triggered the start of the First World War. For four years they fought armies of millions of men, and the fighting reached the ends of the earth, with dimensions never known. Automatic weapons such as machine guns, were able to stop the advance of the infantry, however large it was, and the troops were forced to seek refuge in the trenches defended by barbed wire. The movements were paralyzed and a war of attrition, supported by massive artillery bombardments and the fledgling military aviation was developed. Besides new weapons emerged as poisonous gases and combat motorized carts, which would replace the troops on horseback.

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