January 07, 2016

New Product News: Acrylicos Vallejo Fantasy-Pro Range Paints

Vallejo has just released a new acrylic paint range titled the Fantasy-Pro series designed in colaboration with Nocturna Models. The first sixteen colors are packaged in two boxed sets that include S-B-S instructions...

VLJ-74101 Fairy Flesh Set
A set of skintones with 8 intense Fantasy-Pro colors for small scale Fantasy figures and Pin Ups, and low saturation natural skin colors for historical miniatures

VLJ-74102 Malefic Flesh Set
A set of 8 Fantasy-Pro colors for painting skin tones that requires a greenish, bluish or violet tone, in order to obtain an artistic illustration effect. Designed by Nocturna Models.

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FYI - Vallejo Fantasy-Pro Series
Acrylic waterbased colors for models and miniatures. The colors are self leveling and cover in one application without leaving brushmarks; they dry to a matte, permanent finish. All colors comply by the ASTM D-4236 regulations. And can be applied with brush and airbrush.

View the Latest Vallejo Products HERE

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