December 26, 2015


Maxwell McDougall joins our band of runners and has graciously offered to write about all things in small scales including painting, gaming and whatever else strikes his fancy. He operates his own painting service Max's Miniature Melange and Commissions. You can get more information on his services by clicking HERE

So as we always do we asked Maxwell to tell us a little about himself..
HI guys. my name is Max. Together with my lovely fiance Katrina I live in the Tampa, Florida area, and during the week i Substitute teach with dreams of becoming a full time history teacher. I also run a small painting commission business where i can do anything from base-coating up to intricate highlight work at competitive prices.

How & when did you first get into the hobby?
Funny you should ask! I got into the hobby of miniature wargaming 13 years ago, on the playground at my school. one of my classmates had brought a magazine about fantasy war gaming (featuring, of all things, an albino dwarf!) and i took interest. I've been hooked ever since. I have everything from sci fi and fantasy to obscure historical miniatures in my personal collection.

What aspects of the hobby appeal to you the most? What are your main interests?
I enjoy painting, gaming, and teaching about the hobby. I love to demonstrate new games to people. I also enjoy painting as it is relaxing. I despise basing because i think it takes up quite a bit of time where i could be painting more miniatures, but i do base all of my figures.

What are your other interests beside this hobby?
Dungeon crawler boardgames. Magic the Gathering, and medieval re-creation. I am a member of the SCA, a global medieval re-creation organization. I also enjoy in depth conversation and study of historical subjects.

What are some of your favorite web sites?
I do enjoy my personal blog on facebook, which also functions as the main point of contact for my commission service.

Do you belong to any forums or subscribe/post  to any  blogs?, Benno's Figures Forum, and The Miniatures Page are my preferred haunts. As to fellow bloggers I enjoy 1000 Foot General and An Hour of Wolves Shattered Shields

Any advice for someone new to hobbies?

Never give up! keep trying new techniques and styles. And ALWAYS thin your paints appropriately.

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