November 12, 2015

Tom Stark's Plastic Passions #5 Paragon American Civil War Figures

Our large scale plastic figure guru Tom Stark takes a look at the new Paragon ACW figures...

I'm back to new figures with this entry on the four, 60 mm American Civil War figures made by Paragon in both blue and grey soft plastic. At least some of these figures were produced with separate arms but these have been cemented in place at the factory and only the heads remain to be placed by you. There are a variety of heads including one kepi and about three styles of broad brimmed hat. The space between the arms of the thrusting overhead pose is a bit cramped for the brimmed hats but you can get one to fit in with a little stubbornness.  I like the poses which are what I’ll call close order combat poses. Hand to hand thrusting with bayonets or reacting/reeling backwards from the thrust of an opponent or the saber of a cavalryman. The running, one leg up and thrusting to the left figure, shown as a rebel in the photos is particularly well animated, dramatic and useful in a charging group although he does take a bit of straightening in hot water to stand up. Not uncommon these days, all the weapons need this treatment also.

Paragon with a CTS Confederate and mtd. TSSD figure
These fellows are a perfect scale match for the San Diego Toy Soldiers, Conte’s now seemingly defunct plastic and the larger CTS not to mention many of the old 60mm figures out there such as Reamsa. I’ve shown a TSSD cavalryman and infantryman for size and color comparisons. Of course this rebel grey fits in well with most all confederate greys. Something about greys that slight shade variations all seem to blend together well to my eyes. Not so much Union blues which by rights should be a deep navy but dark colors just don’t show the detail so the convention by makers seems to be a rather wide variety of medium to light blues.  Paragon’s is a light medium blue and just a touch darker than TSSD’s.

Paragon with TSSD figures
The sculpting style is bold with features such as pack straps and belts and equipment standing out from the base figure. At the same time, the figures have a softness to them almost as if the plastic was just the slightest bit warm when ejected from the mold and the edges of all the details slumped very slightly. It appears to be more a factor of the plastic used than the mold but I could be imagining this. It is a minor point and does not take away from the figures in any meaningful way or make them unsuitable for mixing with other makers but it is there as I think some of the close-up photos show. Perhaps I am turning into one of those overly-critical “experts” so feel free to send me some hate mail and shrink my swollen head!

The figures come packaged is sets of 12, so three of each pose at around $1.50 each so an excellent buy for adding to existing ACW battlefields.  And now I’ve talked myself into the topic for my next entry; a look at Reamsa today.

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  1. I always have to wait untill new figures like these filter through onto E bay UK Shops,because of the HIGH SHIPPING COSTS from the USA. Beano Boy