November 12, 2015

MTSC's Caption This Image #105 Winner + This week's photo for Caption This Image #106

Caption This Image #105 Winner

by McAndrew Redistill 

by Shawn Richard Peterson
It's Thursday so...we have a winner for last weeks image contest. McAndrew Redistill who entered via email has snagged one of the most coveted prize in the sport of Image Captioning which is of course is a $50.00 Gift Card from Michigan Toy Soldier. And we also have a runner up...Shawn Richard Peterson who entered right here on Facebook with "Extreme Rivet Counter" and snags a $25.00 MTSC Gift Card.
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Here is this weeks image. Come up with the wittiest caption for this image you will win a $50.00 gift card from Michigan Toy Soldier Company. Just think... you get free stuff and you get show off your comedic charms that will fly around the world via ‘Over The Top’ , ‘News From The Front’ Blog, Google+ & Facebook pages. We will post the winning entry right here next Thursday.

Email your entries to:

FYI- Have a cool image you'd like to get captioned? Send it to us at and we will give you $25.00 gift card for any images used.

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