December 28, 2015

Matt Koltonow's Game On!: You say you want a Revolution? A look at Warlord Games AWI sets.

Matt Koltonow takes a look at the new The American Revolution sets from Warlord Games

If I had to pick my two favorite periods, I think it would be World War I and the American Revolution (American War of Independence or AWI). My first jump into AWI gaming was with the initial release of the Perry plastic figures. Up until that point it was metal or nothing so the release of plastic figures made me take a look at the subject. Not too long after Wargames Factory began releasing their AWI line and thats mostly what I want to talk about today.

In August 2015 Warlord Games announced a partnership with Wargames Factory. At the time Wargames Factory was in the middle of releasing new sets for their AWI range. When it was first announced, the range was going to be six boxes. Warlord partnered after the release of the 4th box in the series. They had released British Infantry, Continental Line, Continental Militia, and Native Americans.

Now available is the Liberty or Death set, British Starter Army, and Continental Starter Army. These are a mix of old and new product with some new stuff not currently available individually. 

British Starter Army: Contains 120 British Line, 30 Hessian Militia, 8 Woodland Indians, 1 Cannon and limber (including Molly Pitcher), 1 Mounted Commander, 1 Casualty, and flags.The British Line and Woodland indians are the previously available Wargames Factory figures. The Hessians, Artillery, Commander, and casualty are all brand new. The artillery is on a shared sprue with options for both British and Continental Crew. The Hessians are a new addition to this range.


The Continental Starter Army: Contains 120 Continental Line, 40 Colonial Militia, 1 Cannon and Limber, 1 Mounted Commander, 1 Casualty, and flags. The line infantry and militia are the previously released Wargames Factory sets and the artillery sprue is brand new.


The Liberty or Death! set is a one stop shop for diving into the period. It has 90 British Line, 120 Continental Infantry, 30 Hessians, 3 Artillery, Molly Pitcher, 30 Militia, 8 Indians, 3 Casualties, Flags, Fencing, Laser-cut Block house, and resin gabions. 

Looking at these boxes from a gaming perspective, all three boxes are a good value. Liberty or Death in particular is all you would need to get started in the period. Using a ruleset like Muskets and Tomahawks, this box would give you everything you needed to build a decent force for both sides. In a ruleset like Black Powder you could get a full division for each side, or with some tweaking to unit numbers, two divisions on each side. The individual army boxes are also a great start. Each box would have enough stuff in it for a good sized game, if you wanted to split the workload. They also make a good addition to an existing army. The Wargames Factory figures mix well on the same table as the Perry figures and as I said previously, could be used as a division in Black Powder.

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