November 06, 2015

Matt Koltonow's Game On!: Making WW2 Objective Markers

After finishing up those British Paratroopers in my previous post, I decided it was time to start putting together all the little details to scatter around the table. One of the first things I wanted to make was some sort of objective markers that weren’t just beads or scraps of paper. Seeing that I play both Bolt Action and Chain of Command, these would double as jump-off points and objectives. I got the idea from the Too Fat Lardies Blog.

The core of the project is TAM-32510 Jerry Can Set. It’s a 1/48 scale accessory kit that fits close enough to 28mm figures. I ended up basing these on some washers I bought from the local hardware store that are just over 40mm in diameter. I added in some spare german weapons from Wargames Factory for the german objectives. For the British, I took the piat and ammo bag out of the Warlord plastic set. Originally I had planned to put the shovel on there as well, but the thin plastic broke between clipping it out and gluing it on.

I put together all the fuel drums in the set and sorted them two to a base. Then I put together a handful of the jerry cans, and cut anything off the sprue that looked interesting. I glued a bit of notecard onto the washer to cover the hole. Once the groundwork is done it’s really not noticeable. I sorted all the pieces into groups and fiddled around with it until it looked right. 

Once everything is glued in place, I covered the base in sand and primed it using Tamiya Grey Surface primer. The groundwork gets painted in Vallejo Dark Mud then dry brushed German Camo Beige and finally Iraqi Sand. The “recipe” for the dirt was given to me by a friend and I use it for everything except desert bases. Once the ground work was painted, the equipment was painted various colors using a mix of Vallejo and Ammo of Mig paints. Lastly everything was given a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone. 

All together the german markers took maybe an evenings work not including dry times. As you can see in the background, I also picked up Tamiya’s 1/48 car model. This is another hidden gem for 28mm wargaming. The kit is very simple to put together and pretty quick to paint.

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