November 21, 2015

Matt Koltonow Review's Painting Wargaming Figures by Javier Gomez Review

Painting Wargaming Figures by Javier Gomez
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 When it comes to buying reference material for painting, gaming, or history I’m usually looking for something specific. The books that end up staying on the shelf near my desk tend to be books I know I’ll thumb through again 6 months down the road. Painting Wargaming Figures by Javier Gomez is definitely one of these. This 218 page book covers pretty much all these basics from start to finish.

The book is broken down into 4 main sections. Basics, Colours, Themes, and Other Scales. The basics section covers what brands of paints to use, what tools to obtain, and some general tips. Included in here is a brief discussion on what color primer to use as well as an overview of different techniques such as Drybrushing and washes. Theres a few things in here that I’ve heard called other names but everything is explained thoroughly enough that I could tell what the author was trying to convey.

The next two sections focus on actually painting figures. Section two is done by color and section three is done by theme. The author does a good job identifying which figures he’s painting and uses almost all vallejo paints. This makes it easy to follow along which helps quite a bit. I’m all for using different product lines in my painting but sometimes it can be hard to follow if the painter jumps all over the place. Each chapter covers a different color and shows more than one method of painting each color. The figures range from ancient to modern and include some fantasy figures.

The third section is organized by theme. Each of these chapters covers a different theme such as Flesh or Horses. This section also includes a rather extensive section on basing as well as chapters on hand painted flags and shields. Again all the information is easy to follow. Each chapter has charts to tell you the exact colors to use and where mixing is required. As I mentioned earlier the author uses all kinds of techniques including washes and dry brushing and these are all labeled in these charts.
The final section of the book briefly covers painting in other scales with guides to paint in 54mm, 20mm, 15mm, 10mm, and 6mm. This section is significantly shorter than the others but that’s fine as the focus really is on 28mm figures.

Overall this book is fantastic. All the information in here is easy to find and very easy to follow. The photos are great very detailed. The individual paint charts tend to use a lot of mixing however its a good guide for picking colors and in most cases the color choice is explained in the text. The author covers a huge variety of subject matters, techniques, and tips in a very easy to follow format. I absolutely recommend this book to wargamers of any paint level.
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