November 16, 2015

Links & Web Gems: Off the Beaten Track..the Chubachus Library of Photographic History

A really cool blog from the Chubachus Library of Photographic History contains some great stereo views that have been animated. I couldn't find any other info on this blog other than...The place for the most fascinating photographs from history specializing in animating stereoscopic images. Below are some of the cool November postings.

Here are three Views of Union Soldiers Posing in Front of a Lean-to Shelter During the Civil War Near Lewinsville, Virginia (1861)
"Picket guard on the alert, near Lewinsville, Va."
"Picket guard, Lewinsville, Va." Civil War-era colorization of the same stereoview
Higher resolution version of the scene
A line of bodies of dead Confederate soldiers gathered for burial the day after fighting on Alsop's Farm during the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, May 20, 1864. By Timothy O'Sullivan. Animated stereo view.

American soldiers of the 79th Infantry Division posing with captured German POWs and machine guns during World War 1. From the Official History of the 315th Infantry.
Portrait of three unidentified Sanitary Commission nurses during the Civil War.
From Miller's Photographic History of the Civil War.

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