October 06, 2015

Toys in the Attic - Ideal Battle Action Combat Playsets

Ideal Battle Action Combat Playlets c.1965
"Our troops lie in wait for the enemy. Two of their soldiers approach in a jeep.  Suddenly, the vehicle hits a carefully planted triggering device and CRASH!  A tree comes thundering down to bar their path.  FIRE!  Our hidden machine gunner swings his vibrating gun around with a cracking blast.  Ambush complete!"  It really takes you back to the pure joy and innocence of our youth... dirt everywhere, total excitement, and not a care in the world... and all this courtesy of Ideal Toys Battle Action playsets.

“Battle Action - The Military Toy Line, With All The Sound and Action Of Real Combat by... Ideal"! Such reads the original Ideal Toys catalog text describing this classic line of 1960's military playsets.  "Each Battle Action unit is a complete and exciting toy!", and yes, they certainly were…the range included the following sets, each sold separately , Battle Action Combat Set, Booby Trap Road, War Field, Check Point, Sniper Post, Road Block, Mined Bridge, Twin Howitzer, Machine Gun Nest, Fighter Jet Strip

Ideal Toy Corporation
Founded in 1903 as the Ideal Novelty and Toy Company, In 1938 the company changed it's name to the Ideal Toy Company and operated under this name until 1982 at which time the company was sold to CBS Toy Company who ran the company for about 3 years before selling the company to Hasbro. Ideal was one of the more prolific U.S. toy companies, although trailing Marx, they did put out a wide range of toys to include about everything. Always active in Military toys but best known for their Evil Knevil toys and Battle Action Playlets.

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