January 15, 2016

BEST OF 2015! AK Interactive's TRUE METAL range adds new colors!

AK Interactive has added two new colors to their True Metal metallic paints. This revolutionary new range uses a wax base formula and is made using the highest quality pigments available. Specially designed for modelers, these waxes can be applied by brush, with the fingertip, with a cotton swab or even with an airbrush when diluted with thinner. Once dry, it can be polished to achieve an extremely realistic metallic or metal finish. Imported from Spain.

The True Metal Range
AKI-450 True Metal Wax Gold 20ml Tube
NEW  OCT 2015>>>AKI-451 True Metal Wax Metallic Blue 20ml Tube 
NEW  OCT 2015>>> AKI-452 True Metal Wax Metallic Purple 20ml Tube
AKI-453 True Metal Wax Old Bronze 20ml Tube
AKI-454 True Metal Wax Copper 20ml Tube
AKI-455 True Metal Wax Aluminum 20ml Tube
AKI-456 True Metal Wax Dark Aluminum 20ml Tube
AKI-457 True Metal Wax Steel 20ml Tube
AKI-458 True Metal Wax Silver 20ml Tube
AKI-459 True Metal Wax Iron 20ml Tube
AKI-460 True Metal Wax Brass 20ml Tube
AKI-461 True Metal Wax Gun Metal 20ml Tube

Watch the video: Using True Metal See how to use them and which methods are the best to get the most realsitic looks possible.

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