December 20, 2015

Ride To Glory On the trail to the Little Big Horn by Black Hawk Toy Soldier

Ride To Glory On the trail to the Little Big Horn is the latest collection in the Far West series from Black Hawk Toy Soldier. Depicting Custer and the 7th cavalry on the way to the fated Little Big Horn this twelve figure set features the exquisite and historically accurate sculpting and painting that Black Hawk and Andrea Miniatures are famous for.
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Ride To Glory 
BHT-BH1300 Ride To Glory 12 figure Bundle + $200 MTSC Gift Card
BHT-BH1301 General Custer, 1876 
BHT-BH1302 Lieutenant W, Cooke, 1876 
BHT-BH1303 Indian Scout
BHT-BH1304 U.S. Cavalry Flag Bearer, 1876 
BHT-BH1305 U.S. Cavalry Bugler, 1876 
BHT-BH1306 U.S. Cavalry Corporal, 1876 
BHT-BH1307 U.S. Cavalry Sergeant, 1876 
BHT-BH1308 U.S. Cavalry Trooper 1, 1876 
BHT-BH1309 U.S. Cavalry Trooper 2, 1876 
BHT-BH1310 U.S. Cavalry Trooper 3, 1876 
BHT-BH1311 U.S. Cavalry Trooper 4, 1876 
BHT-BH1312 U.S. Cavalry Trooper 5, 1876 

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