October 24, 2015


Steven is a experienced modeler with a passion for the hobby who is more then willing to offer up informative help, tips, views and anything else to promote the hobby to beginners as well as  advanced modelers. So Meet our latest addition to the Trench Runners Corps...Steven Lowenthal

I started modeling as a kid, back in the days when TV's and phones had dials, kids read comic books and they played outside. My favorite kits to build were airplanes and the occasional auto. I took the inevitable detour when I became a teenager and went off to college. After school, while working in the arts, my attentions returned to modeling. I have been building ever since. Today I live with my wife and two daughters on Long Island in New York. Where I own a firm that builds custom computers.

While my interests have mainly stayed with aircraft, usually 1/48, with 1/32 coming in a close second, I have expanded my builds to include 1/35 armor and 1/350 ships. In addition, my tastes also include Fantasy and Super Hero figure painting in 72mm and 1/6. I enjoy all aspects of modeling, from construction, painting and weathering. I am particularly interested in the extra detail aftermarket and scratch building lends to the hobby. I haven't built "out of the box" since discovering Verlinden Productions back in the '80's. Using both aftermarket and scratch, I enjoy the challenge of fitting as much detail into a project as I can.

My goal, in participating in this blog, is to pass along my experiences in this hobby. Part of what makes modeling interesting is that, generally, there is no "right" way of doing things. It was only by trial and error that I developed different methods that gave me the results I was looking for. However, if you are building "Out of the Box" to building "Super Detailed" wonders, my "musings" should be only one stop in researching your skills. I am "just a guy making models". I hope to convey this in my writings. 

There are several modeling web sites I follow daily. All have excellent information and have a worldwide community to share your hobby with. Most are free, but some do require a membership fee for full site access. I recommend you check them out if you haven't already.

The Kitmaker Network at kitmaker.com

Most of these allow people to share their work with others in the community. Personally, I post work on International Scale Modeller and occasionally on Flory Models. I can also be found on the International Scale Modeller Facebook page putting my 2 cents in answering people's questions.

Finally, I often see people new to the hobby admiring the work others post and bemoaning how their work will never look as good. I've even seen people say they were giving up on modeling because they thought they could never produce similar quality models. If there is one thing I can tell novice modelers, don't look at other peoples work as unobtainable. Remember, the reason these people can produce such enviable models is because of their experience. It's only through building many models, that you will develop the skills and knowledge to produce such results. And yes, they failed. They more than likely failed multiple times. Failure is knowledge too, so the key is not being afraid to fail. As you continue to build, the failures will become far and few between. Experience builds great models. One last thing I would add is never stop learning. I am constantly buying new books, watching others work and modifying my methods. Watching how others accomplish tasks and use products will lead you to new methods, new ways and sometimes, better ways.

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