October 05, 2015


Mat and his lovely wife Amanda (I think)
Mat is our newest writer and will be posting on 1/72nd products and his diorama work for several museums in Canada. I was drawn to Mat's views by his philosophy which he mentions in detail below..."I will be focusing more on the positives and the enjoyment factor of the hobby"  

So meet our latest addition to the Trench Runners Corps...Mat Johnson

I am very excited to be checking out various products for the Michigan Toy Soldier Company, but first here is a bit of background on me..

I am 32 years old and live in Durham, Ontario with my wife Amanda and our many pets.  I am a full time wood worker, my family has run a wood millwork business ( an excellent source of display bases) now for 25 years. Besides modelling, my other hobbies include distance running, sports, my n scale railroad, and road trips. My first modelling memories come from helping my Dad paint a box of ESCI 1/72 Confederate infantry when I was 9.  To be honest I don't remember if the officers coats had the correct number of buttons, or if the bayonets were exactly scale length, all I remember is having fun and learning, and this is what I feel modelling is all about and my reviews will reflect that.

I currently build models and dioramas for several museums around Ontario. Because of this, most of the things I review, whether it be a set of figures, vehicle, or plane will be placed in some kind of scenic setting. I like this because it adds not only visual interest, but a sense of scale. 

I feel that aside from my museum work I represent the average modeller in that I build models and paint figures simply for enjoyment and relaxation - and not obsessing over tiny irrelevant details.  I am tired of reading model and figure reviews where all the author does is rips the product apart and tries to show how skilled / knowledgable they are by re-doing parts, scratch building parts of it, and in the end really turning people like myself off from buying the very kit they are reviewing.  I hold nothing against those people if that is what they enjoy, but I will be focusing more on the positives and the enjoyment factor of the products I am writing about.  I encourage everyone regardless of your skill level to always find the positives in other people's work. I recently left a Canadian Railway Modellers Facebook page after witnessing one so called ' expert' actually making fun of someone's "attempt at weathering" on a freight car he bought on line.  I thought it looked fine, even if it wasn't up to his ' standards' what did making fun of the persons work accomplish ?

Thank you in advance for reading my reviews, and thank you to those who remember that at the end of the day this is a hobby, one that needs to be fun, and shared positively with other people to keep it growing.

The everyday version of Mat & Amanda Johnson

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