October 05, 2016

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #127: Auburn Rubber Baseball Figures c.1950s

In honor of the start of the REAL baseball season a.k.a the 2016 play-offs we take a look at the vintage dimestore sized figures from Auburn Rubber.

from the MichToy Collection
Auburn Rubber began producing it's Toy Soldiers, figures and vehicles in 1935 and ceased production of them at the beginning of WW2, turning to wartime production of boot soles and gaskets. Although resuming production of rubber toys in 1952, it's later production would turn to vinyl plastic using injection molds. Auburn Rubber would continue it's production until it filed bankruptcy in 1969. 

For a number of reason’s Auburn’s soldiers have a tendency to look a little…silly. Unlike their metal counterparts, Auburn’s figures frequently have problems maintaining their dignity. Warped stands give many of them a drunken appearance and their plain dot eyes invest them with a cartoony simple minded look!


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